5 easy ways Lexmark can help education customers!

Did you know that 77%* of staff only use their school printer for printing? Years ago, this would have been understandable, but nowadays with multi-function devices being more common place, it means there’s lots of time and efficiency-saving functionality being under-utilised. Here we highlight how you, together with Lexmark can help your customers cut their admin time and spend more time teaching.

Data storage/retrieval and future GDPR compliance.

A Print & IT Applications in Education Survey conducted for Lexmark by iGov, also showed that only 3% of respondents used their multifunction for scanning papers. The age of “digital transformation” is firmly upon us now and with GDPR deadlines fast approaching in May next year, your education customers need to realise the importance of ensuring that all staff and student data is easily retrievable and managed correctly. Lexmark’s MFP devicescan be used as part of the school’s GDPR compliance preparations.

5 great time-saving solutions from Lexmark

Lexmark’s smart multifunction printers can offer a range of benefits including easy-to-implement applications that can be added to any Lexmark touchscreen device to increase productivity, monitor costs, mobile print and much more


1. Lexmark’s AccuRead Automate

Lexmark’s AccuRead Automate solution allows customers to reclaim up to 76%** of the time spent handling administration documents. This server-less solution captures, automatically classifies and routes information using a Lexmark smart MFP, ensuring documents are routed properly and are easily available to those who need them, when they need them – resulting in significant time savings and reduction of errors. For more information on Lexmark’s device based software, click here and take a look at this video.


2. Scan to network/Scan to Sharepoint

Your customers can also benefit from free applications like Scan to Network, plus other chargeable solutions such as Scan to Sharepoint. Lexmark’s Scan to SharePoint® solution scans documents straight to SharePoint® allowing access via the web on any device, anywhere. The time savings, reduction in paper-based filing and share-ability bring many advantages to school administration and teachers. This video shows you how.

3. FOC device quota app

Lexmark’s free-of-charge Device Quotas app enables your print managers to specify how much printing, scanning, copying or faxing users can do per printer. You can also easily implement more advanced analytical print release applications such as Lexmark’s own print management solution or that of a third party like PaperCut or Ringdale.

4. Print on the go - the rise of BYOD within schools.

45% of survey respondents already have students with BYOD and further 16% stated they’ll be introducing this policy in their school in the future, however only 3% currently have any kind of mobile print functionality in place. Lexmark has a flexible portfolio of mobile printing technologies (including Google Cloud Print, AirPrint and other mobile print offerings) and applications that give staff and students print-on-the-go convenience while also solving the crucial challenges around document security. Users can simplify device discovery and make mobile printing a reality by implementing Lexmark’s free QR Code Generator and using the Lexmark Mobile Printing App. It’s easy to add a printer by scanning the QR code on the touch screen printer and then proceed to print documents when they are away from their computer. 


5. Lexmark’s marketing toolkit.

To help you promote these messages to your education customers, Lexmark have created a marketing campaign toolkit to support your marketing plans. The campaign can be used across a broad mix of activities including an electronic email mock up format, web banners to use on your own websites, an advert in PSD format to be used in catalogues and other printed media. Simply sign up to become a Lexmark Partner then select sales and marketing resources, end-users - education tool kit.




For more information on Lexmark devices and how they can benefit your education customers, talk to your account manager or contact us on 01379 649200


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Data sources:- *Print & IT Applications in Education Survey 2015 conducted by iGov Survey on behalf of Lexmark UK & Ireland. **Lexmark AccuRead Automate Brochure.