Major components of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Everyone recognises the Microsoft Teams ringtone. Everyone appreciates the benefits that platforms like Teams bring to their daily working lives.

The benefits discussed at the early remote working stages during COVID-19 are now proven daily by millions of people worldwide, more specifically, over 280 million global daily Microsoft Teams users. With such a large pool of people using the platform, there are businesses still waiting to fully integrate Microsoft Teams Rooms for company-wide benefits. Luckily, with an extensive list of partners, businesses don’t have to worry – there’s a video conferencing solution for all requirements.

Let’s explore what makes a Microsoft Teams Rooms and why your customers need one.

What is a Microsoft Teams Room?

Microsoft is a global brand with products that help individuals and companies work, create and organise themselves more efficiently. Microsoft Teams is a best friend for most professionals, used daily to communicate with colleagues, partners and clients.

Essentially, Microsoft Teams is a collaboration software that comes with Office 365. It is globally used for audio and video conferencing from personal devices.

In comparison, a Microsoft Teams Room is the physical space that incorporates this software with Microsoft Teams certified AV hardware. This includes screens, speakers, cameras and mics, equipping meeting spaces of all sizes from small huddle areas to large conference rooms.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a modern meeting space solution purposefully designed to remove the barriers between spaces, places and people, delivering the best Microsoft Teams meeting experience to all participants. It allows anyone to connect to the meeting room space from any location for instant collaboration. The benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms:

  • Highly scalable: when a business grows and develops, the last thing your customers need is added stress of upgrading their meeting room technology. Microsoft Teams Rooms allow seamless scalability so users can focus on company goals instead.
  • Increased flexibility: a flexible working environment adds to employee satisfaction and help attract new talent. It’s vital that people can connect and work regardless of their location. Microsoft Teams Rooms allow users to join a meeting from anywhere on several different devices, encouraging collaboration and communication internally and externally.

  • Enhanced productivity: tools accessible through Microsoft Teams Rooms include easy collaboration on shared documents. It helps meeting participants to engage and share their best ideas rather than making notes.
  • Reduce IT headaches: users become best friends with the IT department using Microsoft Teams Rooms – employees will love the easy set up and smooth operation. For even more efficiency, the certified devices can be controlled and tracked remotely, eliminating long service queues.

Components of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms work well when all components are in synergy with each other. With reliable technology partners, Microsoft Teams Rooms can be fitted to almost any space based on specific requirements.

Although every meeting room has unique requirements, there are staple technology solutions required for all.

Large Format Displays (LFD) and Interactive Large Format Displays (iLFD)

Large format displays and interactive displays in meeting rooms are essential for effective communication and collaboration. They enable presenters to share visual content, enabling understanding and engagement. Collaborative activities, such as screen sharing and real-time document editing, are made possible, fostering teamwork. Large displays also allow for clear data visualisation.

In remote work settings, displays facilitate video conferencing and remote collaboration. Meeting room displays demonstrate professionalism, create positive impressions and enhance productivity by providing a visual platform for sharing information and enhancing collaboration with remote colleagues and partners.

The Neat Board offers a collaborative experience that goes beyond ordinary video meetings and wireless content sharing. Featuring a captivating 65” multi-touch screen, an impressive audio system and a flexible wide-angle camera, it enables seamless annotation and whiteboarding, taking collaboration to a whole new level.

Video conferencing cameras

Video conferencing cameras are crucial for effective communication and collaboration. They enable face-to-face interaction with remote participants, fostering a sense of connection and better understanding through visual cues.

These cameras allow for real-time collaboration, ensuring active participation and engagement from all attendees regardless of their location. Video conferencing cameras also allow the recording of meetings for documentation and reference purposes, while demonstrating professionalism and enhancing engagement in the meeting environment. Video conferencing cameras play a vital role in bridging the distance gap, promoting effective communication and enabling seamless collaboration in today's remote work settings.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 empowers you to hold immersive meetings with its unparalleled professional audio, cutting-edge 180° video technology and a variety of intelligent features. Regardless of the nature of your "new normal," the Jabra PanaCast 50 provides you with the tools needed for quality remote and hybrid meeting experiences.

Professional audio

Clear and reliable audio ensures that participants can hear and understand each other, enabling the exchange of ideas and information. Audio quality is crucial for remote participants, as it directly affects their ability to comprehend and contribute to the meeting.

Audio also plays a significant role in capturing and conveying non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice and inflexion, that are essential for understanding the full meaning and intent behind the spoken words. That’s why, high-quality audio in the meeting room is a key technology component in the meeting room.

Experience exceptional audio performance with this portable and wireless Epos EXPAND SP 30T Bluetooth speakerphone. Designed to cater to both personal and small to medium-sized conferencing needs, it accommodates up to eight people. It is Microsoft Teams certified, ensuring seamless integration. Additionally, it comes equipped with a Bluetooth USB dongle for enhanced connectivity.

How to build a thriving Microsoft Teams Rooms practice

Microsoft Teams Rooms with all its relevant technology give advantages to businesses and their employees. But there are other things to consider to fully utilise what the technology can offer.

A major first step is training. More often than not, people in the office don’t have the right training and end up neglecting the technology available to them. The right training could open doors for a more efficient workplace. This is crucial, as the digital skills gap may affect a company’s growth. It’s noted that Britain’s economic growth is at risk due to the digital skills gap. Tackling this problem should be a priority for companies looking to future-proof their business.

Even with the right training, companies should assess the needs of their employees. If there’s a high volume of remote meetings, one fully equipped Microsoft Teams Room is not enough.

Each meeting room should reflect the needs of the business. For interactive, brainstorming online sessions, interactive displays would work better than large format displays. For visual presentations and hands-on product reviews, incorporating a visualiser or a document camera would be advantageous.

It’s all about what you need and allowing the right technology to fill the gaps!


So, what makes a great Microsoft Teams Room? There’s no one set up to fit all needs. Rather, a combination of reliable technology that works in synergy with each other, powered by Microsoft Teams Rooms. It allows for higher efficiency and communication. Companies and employees are experiencing the benefits associated with remote, hybrid and agile working. But the benefits to well-trained users of the Microsoft Teams Rooms include higher ROI, equipping companies for future challenges.

So, if you want to understand how you can help your customers on their hybrid journey using Microsoft Teams Rooms, contact our recently appointed Microsoft Disti Champion – he has the answers to all of your burning questions.

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