Embrace a brighter future in retail with Philips

In an ever-evolving retail landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive footfall and engage customers. Technology brings innovation into physical retail stores and helps optimise businesses. It’s been noted that businesses that focus on improving customer experience can see up to 80% increase in revenue. After all, a happy customer is a paying customer.

Displays – large format, videowalls, and interactive – are an integral part of any retail space. From self-checkout to wayfinding and live promotions, displays improve customer satisfaction and the overall shopping experience. Philips retail displays and solutions focus on helping businesses engage their customers. That’s why Philips professional displays is one of the key players in the retail market.

Retail trends to look out for in 2023 and beyond

It hasn’t been easy for retailers on the high street. Especially with constant articles titled ‘The Death of the High street’ or tough statistics noting that since 2016, more shops have been closing than opening. But as towns and cities are dealing with harsh realities, the high street is still alive, with businesses working to adapt to the new generation of shopping.

There have been a few developments and proposals on how to build thriving retail environments. From moving shops closer with the 15-minute city concept, bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping, saving space, and creating personalised, unique shopping experiences for customers.

15-minute cities

The concept of a 15-minute city has been making waves – from benefits to criticism. But regardless of personal opinion, since its proposition in 2016, city councils have been exploring the possibility of restructuring urban environments, making them greener and more liveable. This, in turn, brings shopping experiences back to the spaces where people live. Moving away from out-of-town retail centres, 15-minute cities would have everything you need just a short walk or bike ride away, promoting local businesses.

We can already see some examples of 15-minute cities around the world in countries like the USA, France and Sweden. And when the concept goes fully global and mainstream, retailers will have a chance to show their customers the best they can offer. What better way to do so than with promotions, personalised messages, and excellent customer service? All of the above can be achieved by incorporating large format displays.

Large format displays strategically placed in public areas can showcase real-time promotions, new arrivals or limited-time offers, enticing passers-by and encouraging them to step into nearby stores. These displays act as powerful visual cues, attracting footfall and increasing the visibility of local businesses.

Hybrid working and weekday shopping

With the rise of hybrid working models, people have more flexibility to visit retail stores during weekdays and evenings. It means that retailers should be prepared to provide the best customer experience not only during the busiest times on weekends but also for those shoppers utilising their flexible working arrangements. Professionals can now use their lunch breaks or free time to browse and make purchases in-store, not only online. By catering for weekday shoppers, retailers can optimise footfall throughout the week.

Special incentives for weekday customers could further encourage shoppers to visit physical stores, avoiding the weekend rush. Store-front displays can influence consumer purchasing decisions and can increase sales from 80% to an astronomical 478%.

Customer experience and space optimisation

In a world dominated by online shopping, unique physical retail experiences have become paramount. Interactive displays can be used to create captivating and personalised experiences that leave a lasting impression on customers. For example, touch displays can provide detailed product information, styling tips or virtual try-on experiences. By offering innovative and immersive encounters, retailers can attract a steady stream of curious shoppers who crave unique and memorable experiences.

Technology provides a better customer experience and also saves money for retailers, dealing with the high street crisis and rising rental costs. Large format displays can serve as versatile solutions for optimising space while enhancing customer engagement. Retailers can leverage these displays to showcase a broader range of products, promote cross-selling or highlight customer reviews and testimonials.

By condensing product displays into a digital format, stores can utilise space more efficiently, accommodating a wider variety of merchandise and creating a visually appealing shopping environment.

Philips solutions for retail spaces

Philips professional displays for retail cover cutting-edge solutions that captivate customers, drive sales and elevate the retail experience through eye-catching visuals and personalised recommendations.

B-line displays

Philips B-line displays are ideal for enhancing the retail space. These displays can effectively showcase promotional content, product demonstrations and brand messaging in high-traffic areas. Equipped with advanced features like high resolution and vibrant colour reproduction, as well as Chromecast built-in for easy, wire-free content management, they ensure that promotions and in-store messaging grabs attention.

These displays can be strategically positioned throughout the store, serving as eye-catching focal points and engaging customers with their dynamic and interactive capabilities. With their sleek design and powerful performance, Philips B-line displays offer impactful visuals and contribute to creating an immersive retail environment that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

65” X-Line videowall

The Philips 65” videowall is an exceptional display tailored for the retail environment. Its high quality and slim and sleek design make it an attractive addition to any retail space, seamlessly blending into the surroundings. The display also offers versatile connectivity options, allowing retailers to easily integrate it into their existing systems or network.

37” S-line stretch display

With its unique 32:9 design and 1920 x 540 resolution, high-brightness output and versatile linking, the new stretched digital signage display shows more in less space.

Because business never sleeps, these Philips signage displays are designed for 24/7 use at the highest accuracy and in critical environments. Taking advantage of superior components to ensure a higher level of quality, you can count on this videowall for complete around-the-clock reliability.

Make a big impact in bright or semi-outdoor locations. This ultra-high brightness, 700 cd/ m2 display is perfect for attracting attention in large, busy areas that are subject to high ambient light.

25” tableaux display

Say goodbye to traditional paper-based signage and outdated digital models, as the innovative Philips Tableaux revolutionises the way static information is presented. The ultra-clear and easily updatable Advanced colour ePaper display brings a new era of display potential to life.

Enjoy operational flexibility, as your content always runs seamlessly, ensuring your messages are always visible to your audience. Powered by an Android SoC processor and boasting full colour capabilities, it delivers brilliant performance that captivates viewers. Not only does it offer exceptional visual quality, but it also operates without using any power while showing a static image 24/7, and only needs super low power when changing the content, making it a cost-effective, sustainable solution for businesses.

Philips professional displays are at the forefront of transforming retail experiences through their innovative solutions. By incorporating large format displays, retailers can captivate customers and drive footfall by showcasing real-time promotions and enticing visuals. The rise of hybrid working models also presents an opportunity for retailers to cater to weekday shoppers, optimising footfall throughout the week. Creating unique physical retail experiences with engaging displays helps leave a lasting impression on customers and sets retailers apart in the online-dominated world.

Embracing these technologies sets the stage for a brighter future in retail.

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