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To help you grow, we have created a family of credit services, all designed to help you focus on your customers and achieve your goals.

Free financial solutions, available for you.

As your business partner, we can offer you more than just product knowledge and expertise. We also can help with credit and finance. This will give you more time to focus on growing your business. Why not start with our Free Financial Advice? The channel is known for its credit and cash flow challenges, so our in-house credit team can offer advice on the best solutions for your business. We can offer finance, bill your customers for you and provide flexible credit terms. We offer our own industry specific services, not someone else's, which means they are designed for you. This is another way we give you an edge in the competitive AV and IT markets. No matter what you need, ask us and we will find you a solution.

Knowledge hub, designed to help you grow.

We act as a knowledge hub and guardian of your business. We share information on bogus accounts and other fraudulent activity occurring in the industry. It happens, we know. We pass this on. But not only that, we can also send you credit alerts and our team can screen your potential customers. All of this is part of the family of financial services available to you. We can help finance your deals, offer free credit advice and share our intelligence with you. We are on your side. Your continued success is our success. Tell us what you need and we will help.

Expert Free advice

Our two most senior credit professionals are available to assist you with credit, fraud prevention and other financial services. We offer financial assistance supported by years of industry knowledge. It may be that you only need a Trade Account. Alternatively you might need Credit or other solutions to help you with your projects. Tell us what you are working on and they will share their expert knowledge with you, for free.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you won't see another bad debt, but we can empower you with up to date information to aid your decision making.

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Finance Solutions

Midwich can offer you the following Finance solutions: generous Credit facilities, leasing arrangements, flexible Credit terms (subject to status).

You can apply for a Credit account and if approved, an Open Online account, to place orders using your Credit facility online. Simply use one of the buttons below.


Whatever Finance assistance you require, contact our credit services team direct on 01379 649347.