Why should I attend Technology Exposed in October…?

Is a question you probably always ponder before deciding whether to spend a day out of the office attending an event. In this blog, we’ll attempt to answer the ‘what’s in it for me’ question. So here goes…

We think Technology Exposed is uniquely different! Why? First of all, it’s completely FREE…you can registration for free, your customers can register for free, tea and coffee is free and the food is, yes, you got it…FREE! You’ll even get the chance to take a thrill-seeking sports car ride around the Mercedes Benz track all courtesy of Midwich!

The event itself is now in it’s 7th year and we’ve fine-tuned over the years to provide you, and your customers, with the world’s most breath-taking technology and products from market leading vendors, all under one roof at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey.  This year, we’ll take your experience to the next level with our new Vertical Vison Zones, but more about them later in the blog! And of course, all our Midwich experts will be on hand to show you around the event and talk tech.

Last year we had over 800 of our customers and end-users through the door over the two days, this year we’re well on course for over 1000 registrations. So, if you sell into the Education, Retail or Corporate verticals, you cannot miss the show on Wednesday 11thand Thursday 12th October. In fact, head over to our website and REGISTER TODAY.

If you’re not quite convinced just yet, let us tell you more about our new Vertical Vison Zones new for 2017…

What’s new for 2017?

Our biggest development for 2017 is our Vertical Vision Zones; topical, relevant and engaging. Education, Corporate and Retail are three key vertical markets that will never be in decline, therefore forever in need of technology, expertise and understanding to help drive unrivalled future success.

We’re creating focused areas aligned to each of these vertical markets, full to the brim with the latest market developments, facts and statistics, latest product releases and technology revolutions. Our expert teams will be on hand to divulge all the hot details around each of these vertical markets and bring these arenas into reality.

Here’s a little insight into what you can expect… but shhh, don’t tell anyone! 

“In the 3 months to June 2017, the quantity bought (volume) in the retail industry is estimated to have increased by 1.5%, with increases seen across all store types.” Source; Office for National Statistics.

shutterstock 525896359

Discover how lift & learn technology is changing the face of any shop floor, while admiring yourself in the impressive mirror displays. 

“Incorporating technology into the classroom means that students have exposure and access to different ways of learning” Source; Edudemic.com

shutterstock 528608251

Walk into our media and editing suite to take a trip down memory lane in our education zone. Get hands on with all the technologies that make media workspaces and editing suites come to life. 

“Europe has over 13 million meeting room spaces” Source; Future Source

shutterstock 565076884

Book one of our 6 corporate meeting spaces within this zone to not only discover the abundance of different kit available to create any desired meeting room, but have your meeting using this very same space.

And if that wasn’t enough… 

It wouldn’t be a Midwich event without the Midwich teams, and we’ll be on hand to guide you around the show and help with any questions or queries. Come and join us in our exclusive hospitality area to understand; The Midwich Group, our 2018 plans, divulge into our expert marketing campaigns, business development, new market trends and our new Midwich Store on our website.

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We’re excited for our continued developments in 2017, as well as the new adventures leading into 2018, and we’d love nothing more than to share these with you and continue to work closely with you to ensure an unrivalled success for both you and your business.

We also have our award-winning W.O.W Space configurator, back by popular demand, revamped and reworked for 2017. Use the W.O.W. space to design your unique meeting space with the very best technology and expertise allowing you to bring your own device, connect effortlessly and Work on Wireless. Could it be any easier?



And last, but certainly not least, step into the Audio arena and be welcomed by the sounds of our professional audio division. Hosted by a multitude of our industry leading vendors, we want to share with you our best in-show audio technologies that are guaranteed to create an atmosphere in any environment. Follow the sound and discover the added value this exciting division can bring to your business.

Let’s not forget…

All our leading brands and vendor partnerships will be in full force with their latest products, new technologies and friendly expertise to help and assist you with your requirements.

Make sure you come and join us for our 2017 event – visit TECHNOLOGY-EXPOSED.COM to register.

We look forward to seeing you!