Schedule. Present. Share.

Schedule. Present. Share.

There are three important elements to every meeting and when these are delivered successfully, you can count on ultimate productivity and objectives being met, every time.

"According to a survey of U.S. professionals by, meetings were ranked as the number one office productivity killer." (1)

Meetings that promote unproductive meetings are often those that are unplanned and poorly timed with slow, complicated equipment and technology that causes delays and distractions. This results in the inability to deliver the required message, let alone support collaboration and achieve the desired objectives.

Now, it's more important than ever to keep meetings brief, concise and focused, leaving employees feeling motivated and clear on the course of action, and able to meet their objectives successfully. 

Combine the right technology with some important techniques and good working practices, and you can be confident in the delivery of successful meetings in the workplace, every time. 



Timing is everything. Schedule your meeting at a convenient time for all involved.

"If you're thinking of arranging a meeting for 9 a.m. on a Monday, only one in three employees is likely to attend" (2)

Pick a time when attendees have eaten and have had plenty of time to prepare, give specific start and finish times with a fast-moving agenda – 5 minutes on one topic and 30 seconds on another perhaps.

Ricardo Semler, a Brazilian industrialist and author of 'The Seven Day Weekend', also suggests that you may wish to make the meeting non-compulsory. This means that those that attend will make the meeting worthwhile and those that don’t, wont. If nobody comes, the meeting itself is not worthwhile. (3)

Coming soon to the market is the Acendo Core from AMX, helping to simplify scheduling. With direct integration into Microsoft Exchange, the start screen shows the state of the room. Is the room available? Book it right from the start screen. Is it busy? Browse for a nearby room and book that room. It even delivers a warning when the meeting is about to end so users can extend the time, find another room, or wrap up the meeting so the next group can start on time.



"The beginning of your presentation is crucial. You need to grab your audience’s attention and hold it." (4)

The user needs to be able to rely on the technology; avoiding delays and distractions that some programmes may cause.

The new meeting space collaboration system from AMX provides a start screen with everything loaded that the user will need when they walk into the space. Join Skype for Business meetings without having to find a link or meeting invite, perform a variety of space scheduling tasks, and view documents from the web, network drive, or USB with built-in document viewers. There's no need to bring storage devices or any other technology, all content is available instantly without hassle and disruption, allowing the meeting to continue to flow.



"Meetings are a place to talk, but talk is cheap unless it’s followed by action." (5)

The meeting needs a definitive end, with clear objectives and actions allowing everyone to complete the project effectively. Perhaps there are no actions, the objectives are complete and expectations have been met. Either way, all attendees must be clear and know what they have achieved or the next stage in reaching the desired goals.

With the network drive support feature, minutes can be taken and notes recorded with clear actions. These can be easily shared ensuring they are ready for implementation immediately after the meeting.


As the number of small meeting spaces grows it becomes more and more critical to outfit spaces with technology that is multi-purpose, is easy to install, works the way the user would expect, and offers a very low total cost of ownership through minimal to no maintenance. Acendo Core fits this growing trend perfectly and can be used in open huddle spaces with only an LCD as well as larger conference rooms with a variety of complementary technology.

As part of the Huddle Space experience, the soon to be released Acendo Vibe and Room Book work in perfect harmony with the Acendo Core.   With Acendo Vibe's wide angle camera, integrated JBL speakers, far-field microphones, and DSP algorithms users can be sure everyone in the room is seen and heard clearly. The Acendo Book 7" Touch Panel is a standalone scheduling panel that integrates directly with popular room scheduling software like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar without additional system hardware requirements.


The Acendo Core and Vibe will be available from September 2017, The Acendo Room book is available now on the store. To find out more talk your AMX specialists today.

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