New business opportunities with Brother

Brother’s mobile thermal PJ printer range can open up a whole new revenue stream for you, with opportunities in many different verticals. This blog helps to identify the key markets and applications to target, plus we’re focusing on a specific, current problem, demonstrating how the PJ mobile thermal printer is providing a solution.

Build bespoke solutions

The beauty of the PJ range, is its versatility and adaptability. You can select the connectivity, add mounting options and provide a tailor-made solution for your customer. These combinations result in opportunities across a wide variety of market places.

Markets to target

Scan your eyes down this list of verticals and applications. You can probably recognise current or potentially new customers in these industries, and therefore have opportunities to talk to them about mobile printing. Our experience shows that many companies don’t realise this technology exists, so taking time to have that conversation should result in a lot of interest.

Field Sales & Service – this is a large market that divides down into many sub verticals and as such, represent the biggest market to target and achieve success with.

* product and machinery servicing      * van sales / merchandising

* pest control                                      * gas/electric safety checking

* trades people                                    * facilities management

*social housing                                    * debt collection

Applications – invoices, receipts, picking lists, permits to work, diagnostics and testing


  • community health
  • district nursing
  • domiciliary care

Applications – Patient notes, treatment advice, care reports – continuity of care.

Emergency Services

Fire - Applications - material handling information, heat maps, schematics, reports.

Ambulance - Applications patient notes, treatment advice, care reports.

Transport and Logistics

  • pick up
  • deliveries
  • waste management
  • variable weight collections
  • food service and deliveries

Application – Proof of delivery, consignment notes, permit to work, invoice, receipts, handling reports

MOD – In theatre deployment, various applications.

It’s all about workflow change

Once a company starts to focus on productivity, efficiency, profitability and reduced costs, that’s when Brother’s PJ printer can come in and help transform the business from effective to efficient.

NCR removal

One of the biggest opportunities, is customers still using duplicate carbon copy (NCR) pads. These pads are wickedly expensive and Brother can prove a compelling ROI on the PJ in comparison to these pieces of stationary. We’ve seen design costs up to £1500 and 1 x A4 Duplicate pad up to £70.00 each.

Brother already work with several software and tablet vendors on total solutions for market and can digitalise these forms and print only what is and when is necessary. However, anybody with a computer and word processor software can utilise this print technology. The benefit here, besides costs saving is the output, will always be legible, configurable and professional (with professional being the key word here).

Workflow changes in the field

We know that its common practice for many companies to carry out work in the field and then wait until they’re back in the office to print receipts, invoices, reports etc. Simple changes to their workflow would enable them to print these documents on siteresulting in;

  • quicker and reduced admin times
  • reduce costs (postage and fuel)
  • reduced resource

all ultimately driving efficiency within the business.

With the time saved, companies could arrange more customer visits, generate more revenue and ultimately transform their business.

Complimentary Service

In many business and public sector environments, the leaving behind of printed additional information, supporting details or advice can help breed customer loyalty, satisfaction and reduction in complaints or assistance requests. For example;

  • Community nurses can leave behind printed, professional patient advice on specific health problems and medication requirements
  • Heating engineers or rental maintenance companies can leave behind certification of work carried out
  • Electricians can leave behind list of approved works carried out.

Brother’s PJ mobile printer enables employees to provide professional leave-behind prints and benefit from resultant time and cost saving advantages.


The e-mail argument

Despite living in a world full of emails and increasing digitalisation, there’s still a need for hard copies via the PJ;  

  • not everyone has e-mail
  • a hard copy receipt is often a pre-requisite for the exchange of money
  • there may be a legality to print certain documentation
  • network issues may prevent jobs being completed
  • some people simply prefer paper

Key selling points

With six models in the range (and handy starter kit bundles - available exclusively at Midwich) we have a PJ to fit every operating system, connectivity and budget.

  1. Brother are the only mobile printer manufacturers that are certified on the Apple website – PJ connect any Apple iphone, ipod or ipad with our PJ773 (Airprint) or PJ763 MFI (Apple Bluetooth; MFI)
  2. A range of accessories and configurations allows the printer to be made suitable for any field environment
  3. A full modular build allows you to only purchase what your customers need for the solution
  4. There is a Free 3 year RTB warranty with every printer 
  5. Bespoke service packs are available on request and confirmation of requirements
  6. Brother representatives can review customers’ workflows and calculate a total cost of ownership for PJ in your business.

You can also find out more about Brother's PJ, on ourprevious blog.

Charlotte Lally our Brother Sales Specialist can help advise you on on new opportunities and new markets, plus discuss your customers' specific mobile printing requirements. Contact Charlotte today on 01379 649255