LG - why commercial TV is the right choice for you

When it comes to the AV industry consumers will expect to see, and business users will expect to deploy, technologies that are at least as good as those to be found in their own home. In the case of TVs, that will invariably mean HD resolution. While the visual expectations are high, having a screen in a public setting offers a different set of challenges to overcome.

Here are just some of the key reasons why LG commercial TVs are the ideal choice:

16/7 usage

Superior internal heat management is key in enabling LG commercial TVs to operate in a 16/7  environment, perfect for airports where TVs or displays are often turned off for limited periods of time. This is very different from a consumer TV, which are typically not expected to be turned on for more than 8 hours in a day.

With LG commercial displays you can even create your own time scheduler. Once you have set opening/closing hours and holidays, the TV will turn on/off according to the work schedule.

Extended warranties

2 Year on-site swap out warranties are available on all LG commercial TVs. Giving you piece of mind that possible screen downtime will be minimal and saving you maintenance costs over the life time of the product. In some cases, using a consumer TV in a commercial application can invalidate the warranty.

Installs made simple

Clone all commercial TVs with astonishing speed and ease. The USB Cloning feature allows you to simply copy the TV settings to all TVs using a USB memory device - perfect for multi-screen installations.

Content, content, content…

LG currently offers a host of commercial displays that are Creston connected certified. Why is this important? Crestron has become recognised for its ability to deliver on large scale network based digital signage projects. In say, an airport or stadium it is integral to be able to manage, monitor and control all of the displays and technology throughout the facility centrally and from the Cloud. This allows LG commercial displays to offer seamless integration and automated control.

All LG commercial TVs come with the WOL feature. (Wake on LAN) this allows you to remotely turn on TVs over the internet. Connect TVs and a PC in the same network, and send Magic Packet program to the MAC addresses of registered TVs. Then, it will wake up the TVs via LAN port.

Value add to support your sales

Learn more about LG TVs with our handy guide available online and or printed. (Ask your account manager today for a hard copy)

Inside the guide you’ll find a range of LG’s display products, selected to suit the needs of customers from a variety of industries. You’ll also discover useful information about the value-add offers from Midwich – from marketing through to installation advice and support, all designed to help boost your business and your bottom line.


For any questions and enquires about LG commercial TVs contact our LG display specialist Arvin Mohabeer on 01379 649337 or email  arvin.mohabeer@midwich.com