Tech Xpo 2023’s must-see exhibiting brands and their line-up

The award-winning Tech Xpo is fast approaching so we thought it was time we gave you a sneak peek into what awaits you from some of our sponsoring exhibitors. From projection to UCC to LED displays and everything in between – we’re proud that there really is no other AV showcase like this in the UK!

Taking place at the prestigious Ascot Racecourse on the 13th and 14th of September, this 2-day event is well worth the travel. Add interactive demonstrations, speaker sessions, a security showcase and unrivalled networking opportunities to the long list of reasons to attend.

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We’ll get into that later. But for now, let’s delve into the technology you can expect to see at Tech Xpo.


Biamp is returning to Tech Xpo for the second year as a headline sponsor. As a constant source of innovation, we’re excited to see what they’ve got in store for us.

Modena Max Connect

Biamp will be exhibiting Modena Max Connect for the first time in Europe as the first and only seamless BYOD collaboration experience. With MAX Connect, users can walk into any room with any device and join a meeting instantly using any video collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms.

Joining a meeting, sharing content, adding remote participants and controlling the room’s AV equipment – Max Connect can do it all. It simultaneously offers an equal experience for all meeting participants while ensuring it’s easy for IT to manage and deploy. Enterprise-class security protects organisations from connected devices that the IT team does not manage, ensuring that BYOD-led meetings won’t lead to security breaches.

Parlé conferencing bars

Biamp will also exhibit its conferencing video, audio and speaker bars designed for conference rooms. Intelligent technology such as Auto Framing, Biamp Beamtracking and Audio and Video Intelligence creates premium meeting experiences.


Tesira is Biamp’s flagship audio and video platform and a true networked media system. All Tesira products can be configured and managed using Tesira software, helping you create the dynamic, efficient AV systems your customers need – all of which are designed and commissioned from a single software platform.


A key reason to visit Biamp at Tech Xpo is to explore just how easy it is to install their conferencing and DSP solutions through Biamp Launch. It triggers automatic discovery, configuration and tuning of connected Biamp devices without the need for custom programming. In addition, Launch produces a full performance report for the meeting space upon completion.

New meeting room bundles

Another set of products renowned for their ease of installation is Biamp’s new meeting room bundles – designed for simplicity, cost-efficiency and peace of mind. The all-in-one, game-changing meeting room bundles will change how you approach meeting room installations. Each bundle comes neatly packaged with cat5 cabling throughout the system, eliminating the hassle of complex wiring and connections.



For many years, LG has continuously shown us how dynamic and wide-ranging their portfolio is. From commercial to hospitality to education, LG displays cover it all. And Tech Xpo 2023 is no exception.

LG LED LAEC All-in-One Smart Series

The LAEC series is a 136” display offered as an all-in-one package with an embedded controller and built-in speaker. Eliminating the bad reputation that LED displays are difficult and complex to install, it doesn’t require controller connections or module configuration. Plus learn more about webOS, delivering more customisable options to businesses.

55UM662H and 50UM767H brand-new displays

The LG Pro:Centric displays deliver exceptional picture and sound quality with 4K HDR 10 Pro, True Colour Accuracy, AI Sound and HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping. The Pro:Centric hotel management solution helps users easily customise content and remotely control and manage the TV.

43UR781C Business TV

This LG UHD TV with HDR10 Pro brings optimised brightness levels for vivid colour and remarkable detail. The a5 AI Processor 4K Gen6 enhances features, providing a heightened immersive experience for users.

55UH5J-H Signage display

With a recommended brightness of 500 cd/m² for an indoor display, the UH5J-H display delivers content clearly and attracts public attention, making it the ideal display for marketing in meeting rooms, airports, retail and shopping malls. Additionally, LG webOS enhances user convenience and conformal coating reduces exposure to dust and humidity which can hamper performance over time.

Learn more about LG’s SuperSign Control & Control+, the remote control and monitoring software solution.

50UL3J webOS UHD Signage

Featuring the resolution of UHD, it makes the colour and details of the contents vivid and realistic. In addition, the wide viewing angle applied with an IPS panel provides clear content which is ideal for meeting rooms and advertising spaces. Plus, LG One:Quick Share is a wireless screen-sharing solution available through the UL3J series, USB transmission unit and its app. Users simply share their personal PC to the display with the USB dongle button and embedded Wi-Fi.

Discover LG ConnectedCare – the device management solution that allows users to monitor and control various signage and display devices from a centralised dashboard.

49XS4J Window Facing Display

See what high visibility under the sunlight really means. With a great brightness of 4,000 nits, the XS4J delivers content clearly and attracts public attention, which is the ultimate goal for outdoor visibility. QWP delivers this even when the viewer is wearing polarised sunglasses. LG SuperSign CMS will be demonstrated, the integrated management programme supporting the creation and management of digital media and content deployment.



Yet again, as a headline sponsor, Samsung promises to be an unforgettable stand with brand-new products on show.

AIO LED bundles

Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience like never before. The AIO LED bundles save time and money with a simple and cost-effective installation process. Featuring a full HD LED display, LED controller, wall frame and optional trade-only installation, it’s the ideal solution to future-proof businesses.

Kiosk for Windows OS

Samsung’s latest Kiosk operating on Windows won the Best of Show award at ISE in 2023. It’s an interactive self-service display with expanded software compatibility for the food and beverage, retail, travel and healthcare industries – helping businesses maximise sales potential. Samsung will be exhibiting the award-winning solution in retail mode so come and see how it’s enabling more personalised customer experiences.

New eBoard for education

Samsung will be running live demonstrations of the new WAC interactive display, offering dynamic, engaging experiences designed for the classroom of the future. Its enhanced usability and compatibility make it easier for teachers to incorporate education apps and features that optimise lessons and help students discover the joy of learning.

Samsung will also display SmartThings and IoT functions for automation, control and energy efficiency. Plus, discover more about Samsung’s approach to sustainability in 2023.



For the first time, Tech Xpo Secure will be at Tech Xpo. This addition will allow you to immerse yourself in a cutting-edge showcase of the latest trends and innovations in security technology. Hikvision is the headline sponsor so we thought now would be a great opportunity to introduce them!

Established in 2001, over the past two decades Hikvision has driven the security industry forward through groundbreaking innovation and unparalleled research and development investment and activity. Their portfolio covers a broad range of physical security products including video security, access control, alarm systems and complementary solutions.

The relationship with DVS

Hikvision and DVS have had a close relationship for many years now, and in that time, they’ve developed a pretty special chemistry together - a genuine synergy. That bond was strengthened even further as the two businesses worked together to overcome the challenges that we all faced during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Attendees of Tech Xpo Secure will benefit from this close relationship. While both businesses are committed to providing high-quality, technologically advanced and reliable security products, it goes beyond this. The full value to customers is amplified through the way that DVS and Hikvision work together to support customers from the beginning with pre-sales consultancy to the after-sales tech support which provides ongoing peace of mind.

What to expect at Tech Xpo Secure

This is your chance to explore who Hikvision are and what they do. Discover the latest technological developments, learn about future plans and discuss how you can benefit from Hikvision and DVS’ joint AV technology and security industry expertise.

Midwich customers can now explore new ways to diversify business, providing opportunities for new offerings and establishing yourselves in new markets that you haven’t served previously.



With a strong global presence, Epson has established itself as a leading manufacturer of projectors and imaging equipment. Situated right at the front doors on stand 1, there’s no better way to begin your day than by checking out a wide range of projectors.

EB-810E Super UST 4K enhanced laser display

Discover the super ultra-short throw projector with its advanced laser light source, ensuring bright and vibrant images, delivering stunning visuals even in well-lit environments, and boasting full HD resolution with 4K enhancement. These features make it ideal for detailed videos and graphics to be presented easily in corporate meeting rooms or higher education settings.

EB-PU2220B 20,000 lumens laser projector

Epson will be featuring the game-changing EB-PU2220B – the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000-lumens projector when it launched in May 2022. Equipped with versatile installation options and advanced connectivity in a compact design, it offers seamless integration and ease of use. Whether for auditoriums, conference halls, live events or concerts, this laser projector provides outstanding performance and reliability, making it an excellent choice for demanding installations and impactful visual presentations.

EB-L260F wireless laser projector

The impressive EB-L260F wireless laser projector is the ideal solution for any working environment.  It offers 4,600 lumens brightness, a range of wireless and wired connectivity and the ability to have a scalable display size of up to 310”.

ELPDC30 4K UHD wireless visualiser

Epson’s new top-of-the-range visualiser is a versatile and powerful solution that revolutionises how educators and professionals present and capture content. Its 13-megapixel camera ensures sharp and detailed images, while the flexible camera head and adjustable arm allow for effortless positioning and focusing. Its user-friendly features such as one-touch auto focus and split-screen make it a convenient tool for dynamic lessons and engaging demonstrations.



Mersive solutions are all about innovation, immersive collaboration and visualisation experiences. Aiming to create better meeting experiences, they’ve designed Solstice - preventing meeting flow disruptions by removing the need to pass control between presenters, allowing unlimited content to be shared quickly and flexibly.

Solstice Gen 3 – Core

Solstice provides content-rich collaboration for both onsite and remote meeting use cases using existing enterprise network and web conferencing solutions of choice. Because Mersive takes a software-based approach to collaboration, they can offer integrated capabilities that have traditionally required additional hardware – such as digital signage, room analytics, active learning and calendar integration – all managed from Solstice Cloud management.

It's not just a HDMI replacement but lets you share windows, files and multimedia as well as your desktop. Sharing multiple pieces of content from one or more devices at the same time brings true collaboration to meetings. Use on its own or integrate into meeting spaces that already utilise Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms. Mersive directly connects the HDMI input enhancing the content share capability. Multiple devices can share through the content stream at the same time.

Mersive for education

Mersive’s software-led AV makes cutting-edge technology affordable for educational institutions. Using Solstice in education optimises budgets, extends AV deployment life and enhances the learning experience. We understand the importance of maximising budget while ensuring essential AV capabilities are readily available.

Solstice Cloud

Solstice Cloud is a secure cloud portal that allows administrators to easily manage, analyse and optimise their Solstice-enabled rooms.

Tech Xpo offers customers a unique opportunity to experience Solstice behind the scenes – rather than over the phone or through a computer screen.



SMART Technologies focuses on fostering meaningful connections that matter, focusing on interactivity and technology-driven solutions. At Tech Xpo, SMART will exhibit an array of cutting-edge educational and professional technology solutions that are revolutionising learning and workplace experiences.

SMART Board GX – basically brilliant

The SMART GX series brings reliable interactivity to the classroom. It combines the creative power of SMART Notebook with multitouch interaction, SMART Ink and an embedded Android system to deliver rich and engaging learning experiences.

SMART Board MX – the game changer

The freedom to experiment and take chances is a key factor of effective learning in the classroom. One of the highlights of the SMART MX is that it frees up the eraser to be used at any time – even while other students are writing and interacting.

SMART Board 6000S Series – in a league of its own

The one-of-a-kind powerhouse display delivers unmatched value when it comes to ease of use and student engagement, making it the smart and effortless choice for IT professionals.


Lumio is SMART’s latest education software, an innovative and versatile digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices. 

Educators can retain student motivation like never before by importing ready-to-use lessons or combining existing resources and games so students can take ownership of their learning independently. Teachers can also capture insights into individual learning capabilities, making informed decisions on progress and keeping pupils on track.

SMART Board QX Pro – for the modern hybrid workplace

Designed for the dynamic needs of the modern workplace, the QX Pro series features everything needed to deliver seamless, interactive and collaborative meeting experiences. It’s a true walk-up-and-use solution, simple enough to use for first-timers yet intuitive and powerful to change how meetings are done.

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