What is Access Control?

What is Access Control?

Perhaps the obvious definition of access control is putting various measures in place to allow only those personnel (and the vehicles which they may drive), whether that be staff or authorised visitors entry into areas that allow them to go about their legitimate business.  In addition we can choose when they are allowed into those areas.

What do you want to achieve?

But why would we want to do this?  Maybe it is to attempt to protect something that is of financial value to us or to enable us to endorse our privacy.  And maybe one which is at the forefront of most of our minds at the moment is to use it to reduce the risk of terrorist attack.  The reasons for implementing access control can be far-reaching.  But overall it is about reducing a risk to a level, which is deemed to be acceptable to us.

What are your options?

So how is access control achieved?  It could be through the use of people, ­ the sentry or guard checking so that only those personnel authorised entry are allowed past a check-point.  Or by traditional lock and key and more recently through the use of Electronic Access Control.  But maybe more commonly these days a mixture of all three.

What are the key benefits of Electronic Access Control?

  • Tracking personnel on the site - Unauthorised visitors, Authorised visitors, Employees
  • Awareness of risks when they arise - Ability to act quickly if a security threat is found
  • Copying the ‘key’ is much more difficult - In the case of biometric data, practically impossible
  • Easy and quick to make a stolen key of no use - Access rights can be applied across the site quickly
  • Additional features of an electronic system further enhance security - Alarm generation, Time rules, Audit trails

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