Introducing: wePresent

Ever sat in a meeting or presentation huddled around one laptop or tablet all trying to view information on a small screen? We’ve all been there!

Which is why Midwich, alongside wePresent are making 2016 the year of the wireless presentation. Up to 64 users can collaborate and give wireless interactive presentations from a Windows or Mac computer, smartphone or tablet. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming more popular in the workplace, schools… in fact pretty much everywhere.

To join the BYOD revolution you just need to hook up your wePresent terminal to your LAN network and download the free wePresent software for Apple or Android. Then you’re good to go! wePresent works in any network environment, with full 1080P HD resolution and up to 30 frames per seconds – mirroring your device with precision and accuracy.

Now that you’re ready to wirelessly present and collaborate with wePresent, here’s our top tips for the perfect presentation…

Rehearse and rewrite
Always rehearse! Ask a friend or a colleague to be your test audience. A live rehearsal will help you understand the flow of the presentation plus raise any points which may not be clear.

Don’t read from a script
Make notes but don’t read from a script. Your presentation should be natural and if you’re reading it word for word you’ll sound robotic and lose engagement.

Encourage audience participation
This doesn’t mean you have to host team building exercises, but do think how you can ask those you’re presenting to get involved. Ask questions, open up discussion points…

Speak up
Make sure you speak clearly and never mumble. Try and avoid; ummm, errrr, ahhhh and well… This is where your rehearsal will really pay off. 

Create a summary
It’s always a great idea to have a roundup of points covered at the end of your presentation. It allows your audience to take away the most important information.


To find out more about wePresent speak to your Midwich account manager.