Our experts test out the LS-P4 Olympus Audio Recorder

Olympus are well-known for their extensive range of dictation and audio capture devices, and today we are pleased to announce the latest addition within their award-winning Broadcast and Music range: the LS-P4 PCM Audio Recorder.


This is the world’s first portable device that not only captures better-than CD quality in PCM WAV but also in FLAC, offering an amazing 30% longer recording time with no loss in quality. Though small, and extremely lightweight at just 75g, this pocket-sized device can really pack a punch and is up to 40% smaller than its rivals.


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Its acclaimed TRESMIC 3-mic setup makes it easy to record fantastic quality sound wherever you are, whether it be in a lecture theatre, filming a vlog, or even just capturing voice memos. 

What the LS-P4 really excels at, however, is music recording. With a full frequency spectrum (20Hz-20kHz) to capture all levels of sound, and able to withstand up to a whopping 120db without clipping, it's perfectly suited to hi-res concert recording. As the three microphones allow for stereo sound capture, it's also a great choice for bands wanting to record demos at home and achieve a well-balanced live mix.

One key feature that ensures crisp, quality audio when using the LS-P4 is that it's a linear PCM recorder, allowing for near-perfect sound sampling at a significantly better compression rate than its predecessors. Pair this with 8gb of internal memory and you've got the perfect device for longer recordings and smaller file sizes than the LS-P4's predecessors.



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Not only does the LS-P4 directly connect to all cameras with a microphone socket (such as the OM-D series EM1 MK2 and the EM1 MK2) and to a tripod attachment for stability, it also gives you a lot of options with regards to digital connectivity. An inbuilt USB connector acts both as a way of transferring files, and a way of charging the device itself – with 39 hours battery life, the LS-P4 again proves it’s a great option for musicians on the go. In addition, users can connect to other devices wirelessly via Bluetooth, as well as the option to insert an extra microUSB for more memory space.


But don't just take our word for it - we had a couple of budding Midwich musicians test out this nifty recorder; here's what they have to say:


Robert PayneRob Payne

  • The LS-P4 is very easy to use, and navigation is simple.
  • The sound quality that it produces is so much better than I expected from it. It’s crisp, clear and doesn’t distort much at all.
  • The overdub feature is a big plus for me too – perfect for vocalists after harmonies or wanting to sing over a backing track.

 5 Star Rating System 4 and a half stars


Overall 4.5/5 without a doubt – great product.



Jenny WelsfordJenny Welsford

  • Straight out of the box, I was surprised by how light and tiny the LS-P4 was!
  • It was very easy to use, and I particularly liked the fact that you don’t need a charger – it just fits straight into my laptop which is really useful as I didn’t need to worry about remembering any cables.
  • A couple of my favourite features were the scene setting tool (being able to change the audio style when recording to fit music, or being in an auditorium) and also the overdubbing – as a singer, I often use backing tracks, and as long as they were in WAV format, I could transfer them straight off my computer and onto the device to sing over.

 5 Star Rating System 5 stars


I’d give this product a solid 5/5. The audio quality is fantastic, and once I figured out that you could overdub external tracks, I didn’t want to give it back!



Alison Charters2You can find the Olympus LS-P4 Audio Recorder in the Midwich store. If you’d like more information about this or any other products in our Olympus audio range, get in touch with our Senior Audio Product Manager, Ali Charters, at ali.charters@midwich.com or by calling her directly on 01379 649883.