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Welcome back to Midwich TV! In our latest exclusive video, Mark is joined on the purple sofa by our Samsung Specialist, Chris Bloxsome, to discuss Samsung’s new UHD range of displays: the QB series, QM series, and QH series, as well as the brilliant new Samsung Flip

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Midwich's Samsung specialist, Chris Bloxsome, joins Midwich TV for a chat.

Check out the products featured in the video below: 

Deliver Impactful Content through All-Inclusive Displays

Samsung’s Q Series displays deliver content with visual impact while also improving operational efficiency. Through UHD picture quality, the displays foster an inviting and memorable viewing environment. Backed by the powerful SSSP 5.0 and TIZEN 3.0 operating system, your customers can enjoy a host of business-ready functionalities, while also protecting business data through enhanced security.

QB Series

Screen sizes 65” and 75”

Reliable 16/7 operation

300 candelas

All-in-one signage solution

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QM Series:

24/7 operation

500 candelas

Screen sizes from 49” to 98”

Most models have embedded player

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QH Series


Screen Sizes 55” and 65”

Reliable 16/7 operation

600 candelas

Peaking at 1500 candelas

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Chris Bloxsome

For more information, contact our Samsung Specialist Chris Bloxsome through either of the following ways: 

Email: Christopher.Bloxsome@midwich.com

Phone: 01379 649236