Meet LG on Stand 14 at Tech Xpo 2022

LG is a renowned global technology, recognised for a wide range of electronics from fridges to LED displays and everything in between. LG’s motto is Life’s Good, and its huge portfolio and ambitions are testament to that. LG is on a mission to become one of the most sustainable companies in the world. To achieve this, LG started by listening to their customers and now they’ve upped their recycling game, changed product sets and even created new displays with old cut-offs.

Specialising in signage and wow factor displays, LG know how to bring a space to life with futuristic technology. Although this has always been a necessity, the demand for immersive experiences has soared. And this is true for every environment including retail, offices and classrooms. Today, every space you walk into has some sort of technology set up to amplify your experience - to make life easier, engage customers and students or add beauty to the décor.


Why Come to Tech Xpo?

LG is demonstrating over ten displays featuring signage displays, large format displays and LED displays at Tech Xpo. The stand has been designed to feature a display suitable for every environment, so there’s something for every reseller, integrator or end-user! You can enjoy one-on-one time with tech specialists, spending time getting comfortable with a product, experimenting and gaining new knowledge. Forget back-and-forth emails, you can spend as long as you want on the stand.

One of the most exciting elements of the entire show is LG’s UK 1st showing of the 22XE1J Outdoor Display! Featuring a brightness of 1,500 nits, it boasts high visibility in bright environments, making it great for drive-through restaurants, transportation displays and outdoor signage. A range of features ensures it can withstand weather conditions and adjust accordingly as well as host remote control and management.

LG LED outdoor display

Ascot Racecourse is the perfect location to see this display in action, rather than a showroom or through your computer screen. The same can be said for the rest of its product portfolio at Tech Xpo. Hearing about show-stopping technology and looking at photos of a display is just not the same as seeing and experiencing the feeling it gives you - especially in the case of LED.

Just like Samantha Bews, the UK Education Sales Manager from LG felt the first time she saw The Wave in Amsterdam. “I was wowed” - she told Midwich TV. From then on, she wanted to recreate that feeling for her customers.

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LG will also be showcasing a multitude of displays at Tech Xpo. Let’s discover what to expect on stand 14.  


LG 49XS4J Window Facing Display

The 49XS4J is the ultimate display for outdoor visibility. With a brightness of 4,000 nits, it can deliver clear content on display to attract public attention. Its elegant design elevates the visual impact of the played content, contributing to the atmosphere of a retail space. Additionally, the 49” display is highly energy-efficient: ideal for organisations aiming to improve their sustainability in store.

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LG 86BH5F Ultra Stretch Signage Display

The 86BH5F is the most suitable display for delivering advertising and multiplexed information in a 58:9 widescreen format. Unlike conventional displays of 32:9, it can bring unused and leftover space to life by being installed without restriction. Featuring ultra HD resolution, it delivers immersive viewing experiences with vivid colours and clear images.

What makes this display unique is the Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature, allowing you to show multi-content in a single display by up to four parts. This is very useful and convenient to deliver various advertisements or pieces of information at the same time without calibration.

A fun fact about this display is that it is made from the cut-offs of an LG 98” display - creating a circular economy for LG production.

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LG 65EP5G UltraFine OLED Pro Display

The 65EP5G is a 2021 Red Dot and Design Award winner - and for good reason. The versatile 65” OLED professional monitor with accurate colour can be customised to suit your business needs. Additional features and functionality ensure the monitor can meet a variety of use cases and workflows in content production, post-production and distribution.


LG 75TR3PJ UHD IR-Type Touch Interactive Digital Board

Bring people together with true interactivity using the 75TR3PJ interactive display. Using 20 points of touch simultaneously offers a lifelike board touch experience. For enhanced collaboration, students and teachers alike can write and annotate on the display with precise touch and excellent writing experience.

Plus, Air Class connects up to 30 students for mobile devices on the same network, providing a variety of tools such as voting, answering and sharing projects - a great feature for the changing education landscape featuring more BYOD.

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LG 98UM5J UHD Large Screen Signage Display

Add a touch of sophistication with the 98UM5J. The slim design improves the installed space’s décor while a 4x higher definition picture quality than FHD increases the screen’s immersive experience. Also, a built-in speaker enriches content with sound effects - no need to purchase or install external speakers.

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LG LAEC LED All-in-One Smart Series

The LAEC015 has been super popular in the education space this year. LED is changing the landscape in classrooms and lecture theatres and this all-in-one smart series featuring a 136” LED screen, embedded controller and built-in speaker is a great example of how.

Challenging the prejudice that LEDs are difficult and complex to install - it does not require controller connections or module configuration. Just like your TV at home, all you have to do is turn it on with the controller, eliminating headaches for teachers.

Discover LG LED at Innovation House

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This all-in-one display is definitely a must-see at Tech Xpo!


LG 55UR640S UHD Signage TV

Enjoy superb picture quality with ultra HD resolution, enhancing the colour and details to appear more realistic. The series is thinner than LG’s conventional model (UT640S) to save space and enable easy installation. In addition, its sophisticated ashed-blue colour improves the décor of the space where the product is installed - brilliant for entertainment spaces. Unique features also include embedded content and group management, Display Power Management and real-time promotion and content sharing. 

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LG 50UR762H 4K UHD Commercial TV

Improve hotel content management with this 4K UHD hospitality TV featuring Pro:Centric Direct. Using simple editing tools, it’s easy to perform service and IP network-based remote management with a single click. The slim bezel can blend into any interior space to deliver immersive viewing without any interruption. Additional features include SoftAP, webOS 5.0, a welcome video/screen, Hotel Mode and USB Cloning.

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Visit LG on stand 14

You can enjoy live demonstrations of each of these product series by LG experts at Tech Xpo. Live events are a brilliant way to experience the technology in real life and speak to your favourite brands. But not only that, we’ve ensured Tech Xpo is an unmissable event with tons of training opportunities on offer, speaker sessions to attend and fun competitions to partake in. Just take a look at some of the events we’ve hosted in 2022 so far.

Please get in contact with our events team or your account manager if you would like us to set up a meeting with LG at Tech Xpo.

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