Meet Samsung on Stand 13 at Tech Xpo 2022

The business world may have returned to some of its old routines post-Covid. But there have been many changes too. New expectations and habits have emerged, giving cutting-edge innovators like Samsung a rare opportunity to reimagine their offerings and practices. 

At this year’s Tech Xpo, Samsung will unveil new possibilities for businesses with its next-generation commercial displays and solutions. 

Highlighting its vision for “Business Reimagined”, 2022 sees Samsung launch the latest models of The Wall, as well as its updated UHD 4K signage with enhanced professional features. Plus, the new Flip Pro interactive display, featuring a range of innovative new features for education. 

Before we learn more about these products, let’s dig deeper into the vision that inspired them.


Reimagining Business: Samsung's Vision for the Future 

Digital signage has already made its mark on the world. But as spaces, technologies, and businesses evolve, its role is becoming more significant, and more complex. Although it must deliver display solutions that were and still are important to businesses today, it also needs to provide future-focused display solutions its enterprise customers need to keep them ahead of the curve.

This is why Samsung is fundamentally reimagining the role of digital signage display. And its vision is clear: As businesses reinvented themselves, so too must digital signage. 

I’m excited for this next chapter for digital signage. At Samsung, we’re passionate about bringing game-changing innovation and value to our enterprise customers. That’s why Samsung is focused on redefining our most common spaces, reconnecting the world through new experiences, and re-emphasising the importance of digital signage in our daily lives” - Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Next-generation, Samsung Display solutions aren’t just limited to the business world. A “Screens Everywhere” strategy will see breakthrough innovations transforming outdoor spaces too. 


Three Products, One Vision 

This year’s Samsung’s Tech Xpo stand showcases two standout products. Both of which are designed to bring Samsung’s “Business Reimagined” commitment to life. 

Collaboration Reimagined

Samsung’s Flip Pro with enhanced multi-touch interaction takes collaboration one step further. Serving both the education and business sectors, Flip Pro delivers absolute inclusivity to learning and collaboration spaces. To keep pace with a changing world, it offers enhanced usability and the following specialised features that work whether participants are in the room or online. 

Intuitive control panels and improved sound transmission make the “live” experience smooth, seamless, and free from distractions. Advanced touch technology (the fastest Samsung’s ever produced) replicates a real-world writing environment, where users can draw and write without any delay. An easy-to-use interface keeps the momentum going and interactions natural and organic.

Setup is simple and straightforward too. Devices can be simultaneously connected to the display wirelessly for enhanced collaboration that brings ideas to life faster.

Samsung flip pro

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LED Reimagined

MicroLED technology is setting new standards for display innovation across the industry and with The Wall, Samsung is leading the way. Using smaller ultra-fine LED chips that allow greater density, and Ultra Chroma Technology, colour is brighter and more detailed. Black levels are pure and have more depth thanks to Black Seal Technology. Its display profile is ultra slim, so it positions seamlessly into even the tightest of meeting spaces. 

Samsung The Wall All-in-One model combines all this state-of-the-art display technology with a reinvented installation process. You can experience it live in action at Tech Xpo.

With a pre-adjusted seam and ‘Pre-Assembled Frame Kit’, the process of fitting The Wall All-in-One is designed around simplicity. In fact, the process is as straightforward as setting up a consumer TV. Configuration is also quicker because the control box is built into the display. This, as well as saving valuable time, also lowers the total cost of ownership.

The viewing experience is smoother and more seamless too. The Wall All-in-One automatically converts standard 60Hz signals to 120Hz, which removes the motion judder that can so often disrupt AV events for some participants. 

It’s an easy-to-use, accessible product that delivers next-level picture quality and a truly immersive experience to AV events in new and conventional spaces. 

Reimagining digital signage is at the heart of reimagining businesses. And The Wall All-in-One gives businesses of all shapes and sizes the power to do both. 

Samsung Wa2

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Colour and Content Reimagined

A huge talking point for Samsung is the Crystal UHD Display series. Although the series won’t be on display at Tech Xpo, it remains a great opportunity to discuss digital signage requirements and how Samsung is reimagining business. 

The workplace of the future pivots on one axis: it must be accessible for all. This means providing an equally immersive experience, irrespective of location. Digital signage screens are key to achieving this, and here’s where the Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Signage range comes into its own. 

Samsung Crystal UHD has a 4K Quantum Processor which elevates low-res video to UHD-level quality. Its Dynamic Crystal Colour technology replicates a billion shades to deliver a subtle, true-to-life picture quality. There are non-glare panels to provide complete and consistent visibility from all angles, at any time of the day. Plus, it has a cable-free, ultra slim design which blends seamlessly into any environment. 

Combined with built-in video conferencing solutions and wireless screen sharing, the result is a next-level, immersive experience which celebrates and showcases content, and supports seamless collaboration.

Samsung Crystal UHD

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A Chance to Network

Of course, Tech Xpo is not all about the products. It’s about people too. Attending events like Tech Xpo is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss new trends, and forge new and productive relationships with others in the industry. 

The Samsung Display stand is designed with this in mind. 

Inspired by the power of networking, the concept is strictly social. As well as having the chance to view and experience its three headline products - Samsung Flip Pro and The Wall-all-in-One - there’s also the chance to connect. Whether it’s watching and discussing a demo of Flip Pro, sharing your own views on “Business Reimagined”, or competing to see who can get the fastest lap on the SIM, the message is… stick around.

Product demos, chat and fast cars? We’re in. Race you!

Planning your visit? You’ll find Samsung on Stand 13.

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