Fujitsu in the Public Sector

Technology is heavily relied upon in the public sector, it is used to increase productivity and primarily used to reduce costs at a time when budgets are tightening. As technology advances, it is becoming more autonomous, allowing staff to focus on more complex tasks at hand.

New scanners to market feature uninterrupted operations, with Automatic Separation Control features. This reduces the need for manual roller adjustments, helping to eliminate rescans. Latest scanners are more and more intuitive with simple operations without compromising on function or ability.

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Fujitsu in the NHS

The NHS is facing great challenges in providing a cost-effective service when healthcare budgets are tight. Information retrieval is crucial to delivering high-quality evidence-based health care. Patient files need to be accessible quickly and easy, to help nurses and doctors provide the treatments quickly, without waiting for data retrieval. Records management ensures the information needed is easily found and available at the touch of a button.

As Windows 7 reached its end of life, healthcare environments were left susceptible to viruses and malware attacks, as Windows no longer supports bug fixes or security patches. Fujitsu has been on hand to update the NHS and other healthcare environments with newer models with industry leading features.

The UK government are now offering support for modernisation in the NHS. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has recently announced a new digital aspirant programme, to encourage the whole of the NHS to make use of the latest technology. Matt commented:

“We’re going to use digital technology to ease the burden on staff, give people the tools and information to manage their own healthcare, and make sure that patient data can be safely accessed wherever and whenever it’s needed across the system.” “It’s quite simple: better tech means better health and social care.”

Fujitsu in Government

For over 40 years, Fujitsu has worked in close collaboration with the UK government, their digital technology and service offering have the capabilities to empower government organisations. Already working with local government bodies, Fujitsu enables change in the public sector and help make a difference in people’s lives. In a time where files need to be shared securely, this is not attainable with physical paper copies, whereas scanning allows documents to be password protected with a restricted view.

Fujitsu in Education

Scanning documents is essential in every education environment, a reliable document scanner enables schools, colleges and universities to improve the efficiency of their internal process. Most education environments rely heavily on paper documents, storing these documents digitally saves time, reduces costs and creates space.

The ever-increasing digitisation of tablets and smartphones being incorporated into classrooms is further adopted with scanners, scanning directly to these devices.

Fujitsu has helped make a difference by empowering students to log-in and access their work at any time. Their innovative secondary education technology enables students to work from home at their own pace and frees teachers to focus on face to face interactive teaching. Fujitsu has decades of experience in developing and implementing affordable and effective technology.

Reasons Scanners are Popular in the Public Sector

Create Space

Fujitsu’s fi-800R features ‘return scan’. Return scan allows for users to enter and collect their documents from the same point, at the front of the scanner. Any document up to 5mm thick can be scanned using the return scan feature. This is perfect for places in the public sector, as space is often at a premium.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR has increased the demand for security and control when it comes to data sharing and data held at a business. Fujitsu scanners monitor individual files and scan jobs, ensuring all sensitive data is safely digested, filed and stored. For sections of the public sector that share a lot of PDF files, document restrictions for password protection functionality prohibit unauthorised file opening.

Easily Share Files

As document scanners have reduced in cost, they can easily feature in any public sector environment, from front desks to crowded teachers and doctors’ desks. These scanners connect directly to PCs, BYODs and cloud services, enabling direct data delivery to IT applications, streamlining collaboration between departments.

Retrieve Documents Easily

The average employee takes 37 minutes to find one paper file. When documents are stored digitally, they can be easily saved in relevant folders and easy to find.

Increase Productivity

Not just from saving time retrieving data, productivity also increases as information can be scanned and stored digitally then referenced later, removing the need for the original document. Time saved can be better spent on more empowering areas of the working day such as improving the curriculum, better patient care and improved customer interaction which all results in happier and retained staff.

Secure Storage

Backing up documents digitally makes it that much easier to recover them in the event the original documents are lost, stolen or destroyed.

Scanning at Midwich

Mark Wysocki, Fujitsu Brand Manager at Midwich said this about the Midwich document solutions team “The team includes two external account managers who work within both the print and scan divisions, supported by a team of internal account managers, each of whom looks after a number of customer accounts,” he said. “The services on offer are comprehensive – from identifying opportunities and working with partners to drive the solutions through distribution to providing training, helping resellers work on tenders, as well as ensuring easy access to vendors’ public sector pricing,”

Fujitsu’s award-winning compact scanners bring industry-leading technological firsts, high speeds, high throughput and impressive reliability at competitive prices. For more information on our Fujitsu range, contact Mark on 01379 649264 or email

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