5 Products You Didn't Know LG Sold

Time after time, LG are at the forefront of innovation. Ever since 1947, when they were founded, they were the first company to produce many of Koreas electronics, from radios and TVs to refrigerators, washing machines and even air conditioning units.

Leading the way in touch screen phones and consumer TV’s, LG is innovative with their products and are often first to market with the biggest and best new product.

They were even one of the first large technology companies to consider their corporate social responsibility. Electronic companies aren’t usually too focused on the environment, whereas LG used to be high up on Greenpeace’s ‘Guide to Greener Electronics’ –Greenpeace’s guide helps consumers purchase products from tech companies with an environmental conscience.

In the past couple of decades, LG has wowed the world with one of the first borderless TVs and the first consumer 3D TV, but did you know that LG also produced these 5 weird and wonderful products.

  1. Bacteria Free Screens
  2. Colour Transparent LED Film
  3. Bulletproof Screens
  4. Flexible Curved Open Frame
  5. Transparent OLED Signage

1. Bacteria-Free Screens

Primarily used in hospitals, these intuitive multi-touch displays have antibacterial properties applied to them. The plastic housing of these screens conforms with ISO 22196 standard, which measures antimicrobial activity that inhabits the growth of bacteria that may affect the plastic housing.

Not only do these screens have antibacterial properties applied, but they are also designed with cleanliness in mind, these screens can be deep cleaned without issue.

While the antimicrobial properties of these screens do not protect users against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease-causing micro-organisms, they prevent these micro-organisms from growing and living in the plastic housing of the screen.

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2. Colour Transparent LED Film

LG has led the way in curved LED and transparent digital signage. Their colour transparent LED film is another addition to their innovative LED signage. Glass is transformed into creative digital signage by applying this film. The high transparency of these displays means that the film is unnoticeable when the LED is off, blending in with the glass completely.

These displays are vibrant, the colour transparent LEF film uses a 24mm pitch which helps to deliver the wide range of vibrant colours. This film is easily attached to surfaces with the self-adhesive back, making it easy to transform any existing window or glass into an engaging display – removing the need for any complicated construction.

The limitations of this film are endless. The glass this is installed on doesn’t need to be a certain size, or even straight. The size and layout of the film is easily customised to fit any space. The film can also be expanded by adding in more films in either a vertical or horizontal way or cut in parallel with the bezel to meet any size requirements. The curved format is also supported with this film, up to 1100R convex.

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3. Indestructible Screens

LG’s outdoor digital signage is designed to endure anything. LG’s XE series offers a tempered and laminated front glass to protect from outdoor extremities.

Freezing temperatures won’t affect this display, the panel offers superb reliability from -30 degrees to over 50 degrees Celsius.

Aside from the durability of this display, it also performs outstanding visibility. The high brightness of 3000 cd/m2 means the content is displayed in every environment, not just during the dark at night.

Deliver clear content that catches passer-byers attention, no matter the weather, temperature or background light. The screen is intuitive and automatically adjusts its brightness, dependant on the ambient light; during darker hours the screen manages its power efficiently by decreasing the brightness and increasing it in lighter hours so that content remains visible.

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4. Flexible Curved Open Frame

Un-unique to this display, LG OLED signage delivers unrivalled picture quality, from perfect black to perfect colour. Each of their displays offers superb accuracy and vividness with no light bleed and infinite contrast.

LG claims its flexible curved open frame features the perfect design. This display is not only slim and lightweight but is also curved and flexible. As LG’s OLED technology doesn’t require a backlight unit or a liquid crystal layer, this offers a more flexible design with unbelievably lightweight and slim features.

Tiling allows users to expand the screen size to as large as users want. This creates an incredibly immersive viewing experience. This display enables a new approach for innovative and flexible designs. Supporting various convex and concave curvatures, this display meets a wide range of requirements.

The built-in media player encourages users to display the most engaging content, while the LAN daisy chain gives users control, monitor displays, transmit data and update firmware all at once. The synced playback ensures each display plays its content without lag ensuring each video tile is synchronised in content playback.

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5. Transparent OLED Signage

Arguably, LG’s most innovative product in the past decade is its OLED displays. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) was brought to market by LG in 2010, by 2015 they had signed a long-term manufacturer agreement for the exclusive rights to the very best in OLED materials.

Building on its innovative product, LG took OLED one step further, creating the worlds first transparent OLED display. This display illuminates’ spaces that once were hidden away behind the display. This display allows for the content to merge with its surroundings seamlessly and naturally, bringing content to life.

Complimenting any venue, it is installed in, this display comes semi-assembled, meaning it can be installed to fit existing structures. The see-through background turns anywhere it is installed into an open and interactive space.

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