Midwich supporting staff manage higher cost of living

Midwich, the multi award-winning global tech company, headquartered in Diss, Norfolk, launched a significant cost-of-living package aimed at supporting their team of +350 staff at Midwich Ltd.

The Company has put together a package of initiatives that will be implemented throughout the months of September, October, November, and December 2022, that will benefit every employee.

The majority of activities will take place at Midwich’s Head Office in Diss, and include:

  • Supermarket voucher
  • fuel voucher
  • High-street shopping voucher 
  • Hot drinks, biscuits, and cakes provided at the onsite café
  • Hot and cold lunches
  • ‘Everyday items’ for staff to take home if needed, such as food, toiletries, and cleaning products (pictured below).
  • Evening treat bag containing items like sweets, hot chocolate and popcorn (pictured below).
  • ‘Help yourself’ firewood
  • Themed ‘all-welcome days’ in the office with promotions, competitions, and local food-vendors. 

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Pictured: L to R (front row) – Shannon Holmes, Molly Ager, Kayleigh Willis, Tracey Perkins, Lesa Orford , Lily Beckham-Deemer. L to R (back row) - Callum McGuinness, Ben Spencer.

MicrosoftTeams image 73

 Pictured above: Everyday items available for staff to take home.

We hope that other businesses in the region can be encouraged to implement creative and impactful ways of supporting staff during challenging times.

Mark Lowe, Managing Director (UK and Ireland), Midwich Group plc commented:

“We have worked really hard in recent years to continually improve what we offer our people. We have paid particular attention to regularly reviewing salaries & perks. We also operate meaningful incentives like our profit-share scheme and free share awards.

In addition to this, if there are small gestures that we can make to help our people whilst the cost-of living is high, then we are absolutely committed to doing everything that we can.

We have plenty more ideas and have recruited a full-time person to help with this.”    

Treat bag

Pictured above: items from the Evening Treat Bag.

Any items not used by Midwich staff will be donated to Waveney food bank located at Hope Church in Diss.