Why choose a Xerox DocuMate Scanner over an MFP?

Xerox DocuMate Scanners have a solution to fit all business requirements.

The benefits of choosing a DocuMate Scanner over an MFP

If scanning is essential to your customers’ business, then it’s important to have a dedicated scanner to ensure essential information is better organised, manipulated and communicated in a time-efficient way. From contracts to passports, forms to books, there’s a DocuMate scanner suitable for your customer.

Read our top 5 reasons on what makes a Xerox DocuMate scanner the right tool for the job…

1. High quality scanning

A document scanner provides higher resolution than MFPs when scanning: this feature is ideal for professionals who need to scan photographic prints or fine detail documents with stamps etc.

2. Compact, flexible and portable

DocuMate scanners are easy to set-up and provide convenience for your customer. The light-weight and quick installation means your customer is able to transport their work outside the limitations of the office, therefore providing more opportunities to ease workflow!

3. Ease large scanning projects

Double-sided and ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) capabilities allow your customers to scan larger volumes of work, more quickly. Efficiency is increased with scanners permitting up to 5,000 pages a day – far more than any MFP could handle.

4. Powerful and robust productivity

The dedicated scanner is ideal for document centric professionals, there are many varieties suitable for different media. From mail, forms, books to business and credit cards, as well as thick card stock. Document scanners are adaptable to your customer’s needs.

5. Tailored to your customer’s network

Document scanners are tailored to your customer’s network preferences depending on the task. Professionals can scan to; email in various formats, scan to network server, PC folder or to applications such as Microsoft Word. This gives personalisation you can’t get with an MFP.

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Help your customers further by informing them about Xerox 3 Year Warranty on several DocuMate models. Click here to find out more.

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