September's Featured Solutions Vendor: Analog Way

For 27 years, Analog Way has pioneered a wide range of equipment dedicated to professional audio visual applications and we thought it was high-time their innovations were recognised, and what better opportunity for this than the very first Connection newsletter.

Created in 1989 Analog Way quickly grew, launching with a scan converter and throughout the 90s establishing themselves firmly within the industry with a subsidiary, Analalog Way Inc in New York City and no less than two world firsts – a seamless switcher and graphic switcher, following with a further three world first in the early 2000s, a combined matrix/mixer and seamless switcher, mixer with embedded soft edge blending and DVI copper cable up to 70 meters long.

Analog Way’s products all contribute to larger installations and provide the control, connection, processing and transition solutions for creating dynamic visual displays, ensuring your presentation is professionally produced with jaw-dropping animations every time.

Analog Way today is a global force with headquarters in located in Paris, fostering the research, design and production of more than 150 innovative products and offices located in the USA, Singapore and Paris, UK, Italy and Germany working in partnership with major international distributors such as Midwich.

This manufacturer has enjoyed many successes over the years including the Quattro D Scaler installed as part of the interactive ‘Google Wall’ situated within the St Pacras Eurostar departure lounge and business premier lounge, designed to add value and “contribute to the overall ambience and customer experience” by allowing passengers to view their journey and destination.

Later, Analog Way took to the stage with 14 dates on Ed Sheeran’s summer tour. The NeXtage 16; a powerful seamless video processor, played an integral part of the visual entertainment throughout the concert, providing four the LED screens on stage with graphics and content.

“My client needed to be able to manage multiple screen destinations with a small and powerful system. We looked at the show design, technical specifications and equipment space, and decided that the NeXtage 16 was the best solution for the show” Barry Otto, owner Colonel Tom Touring

Analog Way continues to provide cutting edge solutions for a range of vertical markets including corporate boardrooms and offices, hospitals and healthcare, broadcast organisations including national TV stations, education, museums, the government and military and rental and staging.

Analog Way’s relationship with Midwich began in 2006, and after 10 years we are proud to continue our partnership working towards a successful future and providing the very best solutions for your technical projects.

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