Let Midwich get you started with 3D print in 5 easy steps

The world of 3D print is fast-moving, exciting and quite frankly –astonishing.  With daily stories of developing uses and unbelievable applications appearing on the internet, it’s a technology that many simply think is outside their comfort zone or customer base.  BUT, in reality that needn’t be the case. You too could soon be in this exciting 3D printed world with Midwich at your side, providing help to identify customer opportunities, and supporting you every step of the way.

We’re finding education customers are increasingly investing in 3D print, and this is an area we’re particularly well placed to help you with. With the level of 3D print support we can provide, we will get you started quickly and easily;

  1. Reseller training
  2. Product demonstrations
  3. Accompanied customer visits
  4. Installation
  5. Enhanced warranties


Specialist 3D print help and advice

Providing all this help and support are our very qualified and experienced specialists, Aaron Thorogood and Gary Dunstan who can work with you to ensure your first or continuing steps into the world of 3D print are pain-free, easy and supported. Working out and about, on the road, Aaron is available to visit you or your clients, while Gary is based at our office, ready to take your calls.

Two great vendors

We provide a great range of 3D printing solutions from our key vendors, 3DSystems, and our most recent partner, Robox. Between the two, we can help provide 3D print and scanning solutions, from basic models for primary school use, next stage up for small businesses developing new ideas and prototypes through to more complex models used by professionals.

Contact Aaron or Gary today, or alternatively visit them at stand 30, on 21st or 22ndSeptember at Tech Exposed at Mercedes Benz World.

Why sell 3D print? – Current statistics

  • Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are set to reach 496,475 units in 2016
  • This figure is up 103 percent from the predicted 244,533 units in 2015, according to Gartner, Inc.'s forecast.
  • 3D printer shipments are forecast to more than double every year between 2016 and 2019, by which time worldwide shipments are expected to reach more than 5.6 million. 
  • The primary market drivers for consumer 3D printers costing under $2,500 are not household purchases but acquisitions of low-cost devices by schools and universities. The primary enterprise 3D printer market drivers are the finished-piece quality and material advances. 

 Source:- Gartner September 2015 http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3139118


View our special offers on 3D printers for Education customers:

SAVE over £200 on 3D print bundle - includes 3 Year Warranty and 3 Cube Pro Cartridges

- Save £225 on CubeProTrio bundle - includes 3 Year Warranty and Advanced Nozzle Upgrade Kit for more complex projects!


Speak to our specialists Aaron or Gary to find out more:

aaron.thorogood@midwich.com  01379 649278

gary.dunstan@midwich.com • 01379 647576