New exclusive Laser projection range from Epson

As projection comes under increased competition from alternative technologies, Epson has continued to innovate exponentially, showing us exactly what projection has to offer and why it cannot be ignored. Epson’s range of NEW Laser Projectors, for which Midwich are the UK’s exclusive distributor, are equipped with a number of features to ensure a smooth viewing experience and a long product life. Here are a few of those features for you to consider…

4K enhancement

Before we talk about the incredible picture quality 4K Enhanced technology brings to the Epson latest laser projectors, we should acknowledge that you and your customer are investing in a solution that is future proof. No longer only for the early adopters, 4K optimised media is forever increasing in availability, in the UK we have seen popular streaming services move into this space more recently by television providers.

Now let’s talk about the picture quality which stands head and shoulders above its lamp powered counterparts. The 4K Enhanced capabilities increase the number of pixels in each frame to add a new levels of detail never before experienced on an Epson projector, allowing for deeper blacks and brighter whites to be realised even in well-lit environments traditionally unsympathetic to projected images. 

Flexible positioning and user-friendly

The projectors are simple to install and easy for your customers to enjoy. Thanks to a new range of motorised lenses the new range of projectors benefit from true 360° installation flexibility, allowing them to be placed virtually anywhere without loss of brightness or distortion of the image. While Epson’s dynamic projector memory function allows your customers to easily flick between several aspect ratios to watch or present information as it was designed to be displayed.

 5-year /20,000 hour warranty

Each Epson projector is built with the customer in mind, providing you with products that both perform to an exceptionally high standard and just as importantly are durable. That is why Epson offers a 5 year warranty or 20,000 hours (whichever comes first) on all of the EB-L1000 range of projectors. The warranty includes a return to base repair service.

Full list of Projectors:

  • EB-L1100U 
  • EB-L1200U 
  • EB-L1300U 
  • EB-L1405U 
  • EB-L1500U 
  • EB-L1505U 


To find out more about these fantastic products contact Joe Trippett-Jones, our Epson Specialist on 07765 255472 or email