Smart working, for a smart business...

Recent findings show that businesses are seeing increasing amounts of information coming into their organisations, as well as an increase in the ways they access it. This poses significant challenges for businesses when it comes to making sense of the information and delivering it in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.  Marry this with findings from IDC’s* recent white paper which found that professionals working on computers for most of their daily work are facing real challenges (20% loss in employee productivity each year due to document related processes), and suddenly getting the right print solution for business becomes even important. OKI’s Smart multifunction printers can help overcome document related challenges that contribute to loss of worker productivity.

OKI’s Smart MFPs integrate with bespoke systems and third party solutions and streamline outdated paper-based processes by digitising and archiving documents, all of which can be easily accessed at the MFP or remotely. Smart MFPs use an open-embedded platform that allows the device to be customised to the needs of the individual business. With nearly 70% of SMBs saying they view improving productivity as a top priority (IDC), a move to smart MFPs could boost performance and businesses from slow, inefficient workflow processes. 

Take a look at our range of OKI Smart MFPs to see whether there’s a Smart solution to help your customers work smarter. If you’re not sure, our dedicated document solutions team can help you.

Some of these Smart MFPs are on OKI’s current Public Sector promotions with up to £400 end user cashback – running until 31st March 2016 so if you want to get a great deal, take a look today.