Discover a no-risk approach to trying something new

We all know what we like, and generally, if it’s not broken we don’t tend to fix it. This is mainly because many of us feel safe with what we know.

Shifting buying behaviours takes some encouragement, moving away from more familiar brands to other alternatives that may be equally, if not better for the job and in some instances cheaper too. Ricoh are currently helping both resellers and end users switch and discover their range by offering two incentives, confident that their products will tick all the right boxes and be a pleasant surprise.

1. Ricoh’s Quality Pledge

Firstly, in a no-risk scenario, Ricoh are running a Quality Pledge.  Ricoh are so confident with their products, when customers buy one of the selected products from their range, they can return it free of charge within 30 days* for a full refund if they are not 100% satisfied with its performance.

The programme is applicable to a wide range of products, from black and white lasers to colour multifunction machines*. With the reassurance of the pledge, there is no reason to not recommend a Ricoh printer.

2. Ricoh’s Big Trade In Event

To further encourage you and your customers to give Ricoh printers a try, up until 31stMarch 2016 Ricoh are also offering a big trade in event, where customers can trade in any non-Ricoh laser printer** and get up to £100 end user cashback. They will even take the old printer away and dispose of it in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Now really is the time to take a fresh look at performance, cost and value of the Ricoh brand and their range of document solutions



For more details and full terms and conditions of both incentives, (which cannot be used in conjunction with each other) visit or

But why buy Ricoh? – Interesting facts

  • Part of the global Ricoh giant, Ricoh UK was established in London in 1980 then opened its award-winning manufacturing plant in Shropshire in 1987 where they still operate.
  • Ricoh were the first company to introduce multi-functional products (MFPs) in 1988, reducing the need for multiple devices and maximising space in offices and workplaces
  • Ricoh launched the World’s fastest colour copier, the NC811 in 1995
  • They were the first company to launch a multi-functional digital copier made from 50% plant based materials
  • With sustainability and environmental protection still being a key value for the company, Ricoh has a real commitment to innovation, reinvesting around 6% of global net sales into research and development each year
  • The Ricoh Group achieved total elimination of ozone-depleting substances (specifically chloroflurocarbons or CFCs) in 1993 with many companies following suit soon after
  • They have been named as one of the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World”, and have a specific environmental strategy that sets targets and objectives including actively marketing environmental focused services and solutions to customers, increase the reusing, recycling and recovery of Ricoh products and minimising the volume of waste generated, increase the volume of waste recycled and maintain ‘zero waste to landfill’


*Terms and conditions apply. Offer applies to selected Ricoh printers and MFPS purchased from authorised IT resellers: SP 3600DN / SP 3610SF / SP 3600SF / SP 4510DN / SP C440DN / SP C250DN / SP C250SF / SP C252DN / SP C252SF / SP C320DN. One product per customer. See website for full details.


**Trade-in offer applies to non-Ricoh print devices only Offer valid until 31 March 2016. Terms and conditions apply. Please see website for full details