The Olympus RecMic II - Perfect for Professionals

Designed for professional use, the RecMic II series from Olympus gives your customers all the flexibility they need to create a custom tool that perfectly suits their needs.


RecMic II range

Whether your customers work in healthcare, corporate, education, or any other professional sector, Olympus are bringing something brand new to the table that we think might just be a gamechanger: the RecMic II range.

The perfect solution for speech-to-text recording, this range is comprised of four models that work alongside Nuance’s Dragon Professional Individual software or Windows Speech Recognition to achieve highly accurate transcription:


  • Recommended for real-time speech recognition
  • Trackball for easy mouse control while dictating
  • Customisable buttons for easy command control


  • Only model with 8GB internal memory
  • Store documents and speech recognition user profiles
  • Also features trackball and customisable buttons


  • Recommended for classic-style dictation
  • Mechanical slide-switch for maximum control
  • Customisable function buttons


  • Recommended for classic-style dictation
  • Slide-switch and trackball for fast navigation
  • Customisable function buttons

No matter which model takes your preference, the RecMic II range is packed with features to make your customers’ lives that little bit easier.


Crisp sound


With a number of features that ensure their products deliver the best in sound quality, it’s no wonder that Olympus is a market leader in audio technology.

Operation could not be easier,  simply connect the microphone via USB into a laptop or computer with either Dragon Professional Individual or Windows Speech Recognition and you’re ready to go!

Ensure accurate results with the microphone’s triple layered pop-filter, which blocks wind noise from the speaker’s mouth to reduce any pop-noise pickup when transcribing.


Thanks to the innovative intelligence of the RecMic II’s beam forming microphones, background noises (even unexpected ones!) are actively ignored, ensuring accurate speech recognition.

These noise cancellation features are fantastic at suppressing unwanted sound, revolutionising speech recognition accuracy even in noisy environments. The advanced USB microphone uses Olympus technology to ensure that the user's voice is never distorted as a result.

And what if you do want to record background noise? Well, that’s easy too. Simply turn Directionality off to pick up ambient sound, or turn it on if you want to focus directly on the speaker’s voice.

All the above noise-cancelling and Directionality settings can be configured through the included RecMic Configuration Tool application or via button combinations on the device itself.  

Easy navigation


Save the RM-4100S which features a customisable home button in the centre for your go-to command, all other models in the range come with a handy clickable trackball which allows users to control the direction and speed of their mouse cursor while dictating.  

Full flexibility

Going hands-free? The RecMic II also comes with a microphone stand. When mounted, the microphone automatically switches to the wide directional setting, so you don’t miss a thing.

The RecMic II is also flexible in its keyboard compatibility, featuring three different modes to cater for Dragon or Windows recognition software, as well as a fully customisable third option which is ideal for organisations utilising virtual environments.

Clean and hygienic

polygieneOlympus recognise the importance of hygiene in medical settings, and as such, the RecMic II features materials such as Polygiene, which creates an antrimicrobial surface for protection against microbes and other microorganisms.

The microphone’s closed loudspeaker chassis also works to this effect, preventing dust from entering the speaker unit and ensuring clear sound for years to come.


Alison Charters3If you'd like to learn more about the RecMic II range, you can find full details in our store. Please note - Midwich will order these products on request, so please speak to our Audio Product Manager Ali Charters if you've got an upcoming project you'd like to discuss. 

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