Fast and Flexible Projection for the World Cup

With the World Cup fast approaching, Midwich Business Manager, Ross Floyd took a moment to explain to us how projection can provide a big show on a smaller budget.


With projection, clients really benefit from cost per inch. Imagine watching the World Cup on a 50-60-in screen and then imagine an experience at 100-150-in


Watching the big game among family, friends and, frankly, complete strangers is unquestionably more compelling on the largest screen possible making projection the solution of choice for many leisure and hospitality venues.

Where there’s a desire for anything over a 75-80-in image the LFD’s start to become expensive, and – provided you have the flexibility to install – then projection is going to give your patrons a fantastic experience,” says Ross Floyd, Business Manager, Midwich. “With projection, clients really benefit from cost per inch. Imagine watching the World Cup on a 50-60-in screen and then imagine an experience at 100-150-in.

That’s even more the case now the technology has advanced to deliver images that are so sharp and vivid that “no flat panel display comes close to in terms of affordability for the size,” says Floyd. “Even larger images might be appropriate in a shopping mall environment meaning projection is sometimes the only choice.

Resolution has improved across the projector range since 2014 with most now offering 4K quality. 4K is driving demand for home theatre owners to upgrade projection.

In commercial premises, it is often high brightness and contrast which are the keys to delivering high impact images from a projector, minimizing the impact of ambient light. Sophisticated lens adjustment and image manipulation means flexible mounting options for the projector in relation to the screen.


Light up with laser

The most significant tech advance is the growing number of laser-based products which offer a longer life, higher reliability and better total cost of ownership,” says Floyd. “You won’t need to change a lamp and some products will run for 20,000 hours – equivalent to 5 years – without needing to be replaced.

Provided the venue is suitable for projection – those with low ceilings might want to consider an LFD – it’s essential for the customer’s enjoyment that the AV signals are distributed reliably and synchronously.

We have the technical expertise to work with resellers who are dealing direct with end users to maximise the install,” says Floyd. “For example, we carry market leading signal distribution product from WyreStorm (NetworkHD) and AMX to enable users to take one input and distribute the image across multiple screens within a location.

That’s in addition to the screen, bracketry and other cabling required for a tailor-made install – all of which Midwich can advise on and provide.

Don’t forget the audio,” warns Floyd. “Audio is vital, particularly in crowded, noisy venues. We can help you find the right total package for your client.

Some projectors even have a ‘football mode’ which can be tuned to hear the commentator and digital enhancements for ultra-realistic skin tones and lush green grass, to make every second of the match seem larger than life.


World Cup Supplement

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