How technology can assist in delivering Covid-secure workplaces

COVID-19 has changed the world we live in for the foreseeable future and businesses needed to adapt quickly.

From ‘business as usual’ one day to working from home the next, the rate of change was extraordinary. All of this without impacting service levels for customers and end-users was of paramount importance.

With lockdown easing, businesses in the UK are now looking for ways to reopen their offices safely. This could mean having less staff on site and maybe even a large proportion of employees continuing to work from home.

Over the last few weeks, the likes of Twitter, Spotify and Facebook have all stated that their staff should stay working from home until the end of the year - beyond if required.

With prolonged periods of working from home looking likely, many workplaces are now upgrading their employees’ home office equipment as well as searching for solutions that help on-site workers stay safe, feel connected and promote effective hybrid-meetings.

Here’s how some of our technology solutions can help:

1. Temperature checks for additional safety precautions
2. Helping remote workers stay productive
3. Connecting on-site and remote workers
4. Effective office communications using digital signage screens

1. Temperature checks for additional safety precautions

Tauri’s temperature-check tablets allow contactless temperature scanning of workers at workplace entrances. If an individual is running a high temperature, it provides an alert stating that they should not enter the building.

Another solution is Hikvision’s Thermographic Cameras. These are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures and can be used in a variety of settings with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. Rapid (one second detection), contactless and immediate notification to operators, the cameras can detect temperatures from multiple people simultaneously, and use AI detection meaning false alarms from other heat sources are reduced.

This gives peace of mind to employers and their staff that their safety is of upmost importance and that precautions are in place. 

2. Helping remote workers stay productive

As social distancing is said to be in place until, at least, the end of the year, many businesses continue to offer home and flexible working.

To help employees feel comfortable and productive, we have a vast array of products available. These include monitors, webcams, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, audio, screen mounts and more.

Working from home

3. Connecting on-site and remote workers

With an increase in employees working from home and with some staff members returning to the office, effective collaboration between the two has never been more important.

Unified communications (UC) platforms like Teams and Zoom have helped to bridge the gap enabling staff to work together in different locations and on different devices.

Barco’s ClickShare Conference products can ensure that not just Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) but Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) – where staff seamlessly connect with the existing conferencing solution and hardware in the room – is easily possible. Thus, enabling easy communication between remote and onsite workers.

For an impressive boardroom setup, standout, highly-visible displays, like the all-in-one Samsung 130” LED bundle, are a great solution. Enabling high definition, large screen video calling between offices, staff and clients.

4. Effective office communications using digital signage screens

Digital signage is a great way to communicate important social distancing messages within the workplace. A wide range of manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, LG, NEC, iiyama and Phillips are producing affordable screens, making it easier than ever to utilise this technology.

These eye-catching displays can be updated in real-time, using static or video content, and can encourage staff to comply to important safety practices.

Team messages, company news and motivational office information, such as projects won and staff acknowledgements, can also be displayed helping to keep staff up to date with company developments. Not forgetting, keeping staff up to date with current affairs, both nationally and internationally.

For an unforgettable display, a unique example is HYPERVSN’s Holographic Displays. These 3D displays seemingly float in the air – capturing attention while delivering important information to staff. Created to fit any size required, HYPERVSN’s displays can be customised and updated when required with bespoke information to drive communication with staff. In addition, HYPERVSN are currently offering FREE anti-Covid 3D content to help you get up and running quickly.

While businesses and their staff learn to adapt their activities to the current situation, technology continues to develop helping companies find solutions to support them in preparing for the future.

View and download our new guide on ‘How Technology Can Help with Social Distancing Requirements’ now, or for more information on any of the solutions mentioned, please contact your account manager.

How Technology Can Help with Social Distancing Requirements – Guide