Show your true colours with EIZO

Imagine you’re handling critical information, where clarity is key.

Where the margins of error could be the difference between success and failure.

Your customers may face decisions like these every day. Whether they work in financial, corporate, creative or medical environments, they need tools they can rely on to make an informed decision. They need a small format display that will give them a true picture.

That’s why we’d like to introduce EIZO.

Delivering consistently clear, quality pictures, it’s no surprise the translation of EIZO means ‘image’ in Japanese. Having manufactured monitors since the 1960s, the company’s ongoing research and innovations produces images you can trust every time.

And with backlit LED screens and stable imaging over the life of the display, EIZO will give your customers the information they need, whenever they need it.



If your customers are in a creative field, they can trust their ColorEdge display’s colours will be true. Even printed materials will look just as they expect – ensuring all edits are made correctly – so their next blockbuster looks spot on. And with flat, wide and frameless FORIS monitors available, gamers will also have a more immersive experience that they’ll love.


Even office environments can benefit from EIZO’s high-quality display FlexScan solutions. With ergonomic design, slim bezels and energy-saving features, such as its EcoView Optimizer 2, which saves up to 30% by reducing backlit levels, they are easy to use and enhance the office environment. Financial institutions in particular will benefit from being able to see all the data they need at a glance.


Able to display more than 16,000 shades of grey, EIZO’s RadiForce monochrome displays are ideal for x-rays and medical imagery. With such a broad palette, your customers will be able to get an accurate picture of tissue density and structure, so they can offer an accurate diagnosis, whether they’re in the operating room, radiology department or a medical control room. And with a variety of both colour and black and white monitors available for a variety of medical environments, you can tailor the display to your customer’s requirements.


Because quality is high on EIZO’s agenda, you can trust its displays and that the image quality won’t deteriorate over time. And with a five-year warranty on every EIZO display as standard, there are all the safeguards you’d expect from a quality product.

Plus our team of small format display experts, will help you select the best product for your customers' needs – and all the accessories to go with them.

To find out more about EIZO small format displays, contact your account manager on 01379 649200 or take a look online.

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