Say hello to 4K visualisers...

The first ever true 4K visualiser has been launched. Images are now clearer than ever…

But what is a visualiser?

In short - a powerful digital camera device that has the ability to connect to virtually any projector, interactive whiteboard, PC monitor or TV screen. Enabling teachers or presenters to display documents, 3D objects or tiny objects with superb clarity.

What is 4K?

4K, also known as UHD (Ultra-High Definition), is a term used to describe resolution of at least 3,840 pixels (horizontally) x 2,160 pixels (vertically). Offering more pixels than regular HD (at least 4 times more pixels and thus the name 4K).

What happens when you put the two together?

Quality images shown in fine detail! Using a 13M image sensor images are output in 4K ultra-HD resolutions. The key benefit of having 4K is the fact the original pixels are massive, so even if the camera only has digital zoom it still performs like optical zoom camera. Offering a cost-effective way to get a 4K digital zoom camera without paying too much for the optical lenses. 

What can 4K visualisers be used for?

They are great for education settings. True 4K output can help maintain student’s interest with super fine detail and images. They can also help enhance student’s understanding through effective use of video in 60 fps. Plus, ELMO provide free interactive software. Annotation tools can highlight images with lines, shapes and freehand notes - aiding the collaborative educational process.

Wow, 4K visualisers sound amazing

ELMO have now launched the first true 4K visualiser – MX-1 and it’s available from Midwich. 

Want to know more?

Here’s an overview of ELMO’s award-winning NEW MX-1 4K Mobile Visualiser

ResizedImage600288 MX 1 Rave Award photo



Need HDMI or VGA output?

Here’s the  MX-1 + Connect Box Bundle



Key Benefits of MX-1:

  • True 4K – Top quality 4K image at up to 30fps @4K/60fps @1080p
  • USB Super Speed 3.0 –Experience real time video with no delay of objects under the camera
  • Thinnest in the World –0.7 inches thick, the MX-1 visualiser is the thinnest visualiser in the world.
  • Light Weight - only 470g
  • Compact - Folds up smaller than an envelope for easy transportation
  • Present Anywhere - Completely portable and easy to transport. Take it with you and present anywhere.
  • Flexible – The MX-1 is designed to twist, bend and fold in every which way
  • Connect Box – HDMI and RGB output for more versatility

About Elmo:

ELMO has been a global leader in education technology for over 96 years. They have combined years of knowledge and research to manufacture only the best education technology products suitable for classroom needs. ELMO have provided award-winning technology to thousands of students and educators throughout the world. In recent years, ELMO has expanded its product line, bringing other technologies to the market such as PC-free interactive pen, collaborative devices and other wireless solutions. One thing that has always remained prominent is their dedication to quality, innovation and service.