Support Collaboration with IP Video & Digital Signage

How implementing IP video and digital signage technologies supports Enterprise collaboration and decision-making

AV technologies - particularly IP video and digital signage - are fast becoming essential to the daily fabric of enterprises. IP-based AV solutions are recognised as an affordable, scalable and flexible approach to meet business demands, improve internal communications and cater for today’s tech-savvy workforce.

IPTV traditionally refers to television that is distributed over an IP network — the same kind of network people use to surf the internet and exchange emails. IPTV technology enables an organisation to use their existing IP network to deliver TV, radio, Video on Demand, digital signage and web content to any device.

IP video is an important component of innovative collaboration and internal communications. Just as an infrastructure of roads and utilities connects a city, the digital infrastructure of unified communications lays the necessary groundwork for important and efficient collaborative connections. The requirement is that now, digital infrastructure must enable connections that work virtually anywhere, anytime, over just about any device.

"Collaboration can set the stage for profitable growth. And unified communications can lay the groundwork for collaborative connections."*



Exterity's IP video solutions can be used to stream live and recorded internal or industry news relating to employees and visitors. On-demand content can also be distributed, as well as training materials, corporate briefings and live events, to multiple office locations.  The addition of digital signage enables organisations to combine TV and video with corporate messaging, graphics and RSS feeds.

Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity commented; "With an integrated IPTV and digital signage system, companies can increase efficiency by delivering assets to any device regardless of network and location…ensuring employees remain productive, engaged and up-to-date with relevant news in real-time. This flexible, instant access to highly-value information leads to faster decision making, better engagement rates and a feeling of belonging amongst employees – wherever they are in the world."


3 key benefits of implementing IP video and digital signage

1. Deliver video assets to any device regardless of network and location – from desktop computers and laptops to communal area screens and mobile devices – enabling companies to share corporate information, materials and messaging to support collaboration and decision-making

2. Helps ensure staff remain productive, engaged and up-to-date with relevant news in real time. This flexible and instant access to highly-valued information leads to faster decision-making

3. The flexibility and scalability of IP-based systems enables enterprises to add new users and TV andvideo sources anywhere there is a network connection – without the need for additional cabling that would normally incur extra costs and time 

Corporate success examples

International corporate and financial law firm Shearman & Sterling recently deployed an Exterity integrated IP video and digital signage system in its new Paris office to enable staff collaboration – especially in the wake of breaking news that may affect client cases. The office’s reception, public areas, conference rooms and breakout areas broadcast TV and video channels with company news, information and marketing messages for clients and visitors. With a centralised system, Shearman & Sterling can easily manage video and digital signage content distribution to any connected display, regardless of network and location.

The Bank of China’s Hong Kong office deployed an IP video system to facilitate crucial day-to-day employee tasks – like the evaluation of transactional risk and monitoring the latest financial trends, market fluctuations and regulations in real time. By providing bankers with relevant financial feeds directly at their desks, while ensuring that information impacting the whole group is distributed to screens in public areas, the bank ensures it maintains the highest standard of service.




Dave Fincham, Streaming Media Specialist at Midwich commented; "Exterity is a powerful solution for a variety of vertical markets. In particular, corporate and financial institutions around the world rely on Exterity systems to communicate with, train and motivate their organisations. When using both IPTV and Exterity’s digital signage platform ArtioSign, the corporate environment can benefit from an extremely robust communication solution."

Dave Fincham is your Streaming Media specialist, available to provide advice on all your IP video and digital signage needs. Contact Dave on 07894 810852 or email

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