Our expert explores Datapath’s newest collaborative software, Quant

Phil Clarke2

"It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a brand-new product from Datapath, one of our highly-valued technical vendors. Quant is bound to be a top seller, and I'm excited for our customers and end-users to explore all the possibilities this collaboration and control software has to offer."

Read the statistics…

According to a report by McKinsey, 15% of workers’ weekly hours are spent collaborating with others, but this integral factor is far from being optimised for many companies. The report claims that with improved communication through social technologies, a 20-25% increase in productivity could be achieved, simply by having adequate tools available to collaborate efficiently and thoroughly in the workplace.[1]

…now discover the solution

Cue Datapath’s brand-new application-sharing software, Quant. World-leading engineers of visual solutions, Datapath have created an innovative solution that allows multiple users to view and share application windows, as well as interact and make real-time changes to original source files even if some users do not have the relevant application installed on their computer. Perfect for any business or corporate environment, users also have full control over permissions, whether it be for sharing documents with a select group of people or granting editing or sharing rights to peers.

quant in action

Futher applications - how will your customers benefit?

Quant not only aids collaboration, it is also a useful tool for any company requiring remote access to videowall sources. The software works in conjunction with Datapath’s WallControl 10 software, using its secure sharing structure to offer security and opening its use up to Command & Control rooms as well as classrooms and boardrooms. As it runs within a single network, Quant works behind the firewall and does not risk breaches posed by interaction from outside sources. 

Datapath Product Manager Matthew Tibbitt says:

“The security and flexibility of Quant makes it ideal for a wide range of markets – from operation critical control rooms to SMEs wanting smoother remote working practices. Following today’s general release of Quant, information sharing, interactivity and real-time editing for collaboration purposes just became a great deal easier.”

Quant is ideal for 24/7 use in control rooms, whether it be traffic management centres, manufacturing process control centres, utility service operations or security suites. Just as Quant enables users in different locations to connect and collaborate remotely, it also allows for surveillance of multiple sources from a single hub.

Want to see the product in action? Look no further:

How can my customers get their hands on Quant?

If you think you may have a customer that can benefit from Quant, get in touch with me and we’ll go through their bespoke requirements in more detail. Alternatively, professional Quant licenses for anywhere from 5 to 100 users are available for purchase in our store.

Phil Clark 

[1] International Data Corporation (IDC), McKinsey Global Institute analysis