We have everything you need to create the ultimate huddle room

When you think of a huddle room, what comes to mind? Too many people in a dark, stuffy room, crammed around a tiny table and craning to see a mounted TV screen while Steve’s voice crackles out of a tinny laptop speaker. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way! We want you to have a productive meeting space, so we’ve put together a few essential products that are perfect for your huddle room, all available from the Midwich store.


First up: the main event. Say goodbye to screens, because the Barco F80-4K7 is a fixed-installation, laser phosphor projector that boasts a host of fantastic attributes. With 7000 lumens and a 4k UHD resolution, it’s perfect for delivering crisp, bright images to lighten up your meeting rooms, and can also adapt to almost any projector configuration. You get the powerful Barco Pulse processing built in, which uses Single Step Processing (SSP) to allow for less latency and sharper image quality, and if you’re interested in bringing your huddle room into the future, you’ll be pleased to hear that as the F80-4K7 is 3D ready, it can even cater for interactive elements and projection mapping!


If you’re still firmly in the LFD camp, you have to check out the C3-540 CORIOmaster. It’s a modular, multi-window video processor that also supports 4K input and playback, perfect for managing videowalls in bigger conference halls or boardrooms. The whole processor is mounted in a 4RU chassis, and you have full control over the configuration of windows – add, resize, and rotate 360 degrees for a perfect fit. You can also use the new CORIOgrapher v2 software with the C3-540 model, sprucing up your presentations with transition effects and animations.


Another brand-new huddle-space gadget is the Revolabs CS-700 collaboration system from Yamaha. Upon first sight, this looks like a consumer-style soundbar, however it offers so much more. The Sound-bar style speaker houses beam-steering microphones capable of picking up every word in a huddle space environment, in the middle is a 120° camera enabling all users to see and be seen during a video call. The LED lights at the front make it clear when your call is active, and the camera can also be manually covered for when you need a little privacy.  Because  e the CS-700 runs off USB connected to the laptop you can use Skype for business, Zoom or any business communication applications. It is even possible to bridge in a mobile call, and in future models with SIP compatibility, you’ll be able to bridge in mobile and web-based conversation alongside your phoneline.


And last but by no means least, we move to WePresent, more specifically their newest Wireless Interactive Collaboration System (the WiCS-2100). This stylish and fun solution allows you to connect multiple devices up to a screen, creating a much more fluid presentation by saving you the hassle of locating files or switching accounts every time someone new steps up to the plate. For larger rooms, or in those with reduced visibility, individuals can connect their phones and follow along with the slides, as well as being able to use their device as a remote when presenting. Thanks to WePresent’s dynamic screen layout capabilities, multiple users can even present simultaneously, and you’re able to view everyone who’s connected using the on-screen user preview function. The WiCS-2100 is fully integrated, supporting Chromecast and AirPlay to optimise file sharing and make for a presentation so productive that nobody wants to leave!