How Panasonic can help prevent a cyber security attack

We know that for your customers, keeping their premises secure is a vital concern. But the big question is, who’s keeping the surveillance system secure? Network cyber attacks are on the rise, and your customers need a system they can trust to deliver round-the-clock security without leaving sensitive company data open to attacks from potential hackers.


IP-based technology – blessing or curse?

In the days of analogue security systems, networks were in fact a lot safer from hacking than they are today, due in no small part to cables providing separate networks that are tricky to compromise. The move to IP-based security has undoubtedly brought a whole host of benefits, including improved resolution, remote access, and powerful analytics software, but it’s certainly not without its drawbacks.


What’s the worst that could happen?

Without a secure system, your customers can be left wide open to a range of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) breaches. Any security breach and associated data loss could cost your customer a fine of up to £20 million or 4% of global revenue!

In addition to attacking and disabling the camera feed, hackers can use IP cameras to infiltrate the entire IP network, gaining access to IP addresses, server data, and more. Video data can be manipulated, spoofed with false recordings, or even equipped with a backdoor for agencies to gain continued access to any information captured across the IP network.

On a graver note, when your security system is vulnerable, it’s not just your data that is at risk. If your customer has rigged their whole building with security cameras, the safety of their staff and company is dependent on the information hackers can glean from video footage. Break-in times can be easily calculated by monitoring staff presence, and spotting gaps in surveillance can allow thieves to plan a route in to the building where they know they can’t be seen.


Who is responsible for my customers’ data security?

Even though many IP-based security systems leave themselves open to being compromised by increasingly intelligent hacking techniques, ignorance of potential weaknesses is no excuse for putting sensitive data at risk. GDPR guidelines state that the responsibility for keeping information secure ultimately rests with the ‘owner’ of that data (your customers!) so it’s important that they know you’re providing them with knowledge and surveillance that they can trust.


How can I ensure my customers’ data is secure?

Here’s where Panasonic come in. Panasonic have a strong working relationship with a leading threat provider, combining their own cryptology with the 3rd party’s highly reliable, pre-installed certificates on all new Panasonic 5, 6, and true 4K series.  Panasonic’s newest security solutions ranges now offer three crucial information-protecting blocks to ensure secure communication over any network:



  1. Data Encryption – All Fully-protected, end-to-end encryption all the way from capture to transfer, and through to receipt by the recorder.
  2. Communication Encryption - All new Panasonic 5, 6, and True 4K cameras protect against spoofing (inputting false data), video tampering and altering, as well as snooping, where hackers can steal passwords by accessing IP information through a connected camera.
  3. Verification and Key protection – A public key algorithm is used to verify digital signatures, ensuring that any data received is from a certified source. This means that if your customer needs to prove the authenticity of the video, their surveillance evidence would be robust enough to stand up in court.


But that’s not all! Panasonic have also developed a clever masking software for the sake of maintaining employee and visitor privacy, while also complying by the upcoming GDPR and data protection act. Perfect for any office, shop, warehouse, or other high-traffic area, your customers can choose to mask not only people via the integrated MOR (Moving Object Removal) function, but also certain static areas that they’d like to remain confidential. If required by an administrator, this mask may be removed on playback for full visibility.

pana mask


We can help you find the best product for your customer

Our Security team are always on hand to discuss security systems in more detail, ensuring you get a bespoke solution that is suited to your customer’s individual needs. Give them a call on 01379 647500 or email to find out more.