Why 4K projectors are worth investing in?

Nicolas Bezuidenhout"Are 4K projectors worth it? This is a question I am often asked, so in this blog, I hope to provide a clear outline of the many advantages they offer and why they are a great investment."



Market trends – A demand for projection

The growing demand for projectors is more evident than ever, with the UK market expected to be worth £108 million in 2018. There really is no better time for customers to invest in the latest and best technology in the field to reap the rewards of this trend.

It’s not expected to slow down any time soon either with the global projector market set to grow a further 10% in the next four years, making projection a solid investment.[1]

Numerous factors have contributed to this growth. Firstly, leaps forward in technology, such as the availability of colour accurate, durable laser projectors, have without a doubt boosted industry sales, providing both professional and home users access to high brightness projectors that boast crystal-clear resolution.

Increasing changes within the education and corporate markets can’t be ignored and have been massive catalysts for the overall growth of the projection market. It would be hard to find a classroom in the UK not equipped with a projector of some kind, with teachers pushing for more interactive lessons to boost engagement across the board. Meanwhile, the corporate sector’s 12 million conference rooms are demanding projectors across the spectrum from budget to high-end business models.[2] 

Opportunities - A growing consumer demand for the best technology

Consumers now expect higher quality, more interactive experiences whether they are visiting museums, car showrooms or entertainment venues. These aspirations for more interactive and immersive environments along with the rise of more collaborative work practices in the business world, means that businesses need to keep reviewing and upgrading their user-experience, utilising the latest technology available, including 4K projection.  This presents an opportunity to discuss the higher-end projectors to your customers.

The future of projection – projection mapping

The projection industry has expanded its horizons from the two dimensions that it was previously confined to, with advances in technologies like projection mapping meaning that we are seeing high-quality projectors outside of the boardroom in new environments, opening new market opportunities.

In a world where all kinds of media are competing for people’s attention, projection mapping captures its audience with a unique wow factor. It’s an extremely impressive projection technique that can transform any surface into a dynamic display, making buildings the new billboards.

Projection mapping is an amazing opportunity made for the social media culture we live in. Its ideally suited to the interactive nature of sharing content online, as a building’s architecture is left to play the leading role in interacting with spectators, prompting viewers to record their experiences and share it with their peers.

Through this medium of sharing, bigger more expansive audiences can be reached with brand awareness at an all-time high. 4K projectors sit firmly in the projection mapping arena.

4K projection brilliance from Barco

Choosing a 4K projector is no easy decision, and it’s hard to know where true quality lies. However, with the ability to provide high-end projection products for a wide range of customer types and applications, Barco have a range with maximum input resolutions higher than standard 4K UHD. This makes them ideal when considering the purchase of a 4K projector with one eye on the future of the industry.

For the best 4K projection experience, I would suggest looking at F80-4K7 and the F80-4K9 models as the high level of detail and highly saturated colours that these 4K UHD projectors produce allows for stunning image reproduction at all times.

Expert projection advice

Now is the time for 4K projectors and I can help you capitalise on this trend, fulfil your customers’ needs and increase your sales with one smart investment. Get in touch if you need to discuss a customer’s projection needs and we can create a bespoke solution for you.

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