Philips Q-Line

Stand out from the crowd with Q-Line displays from Philips.

Whether you’re interested in the 30Q-Line entry level range or looking for something special in the 50Q-Line collection, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

PLUS – did you know that all products in this range come with free re/de-install 3-year warranty?

Skip the stress and leave it to Philips – talk to your account manager to find out more.


The perfect entry-level choice for hospitality venues, the Philips 30Q-Line range boast a range of benefits, including:

  • Connect and control content via the Cloud with an integrated browser. Simply plug in and play!
  • Philips’ patented content management system lets you control all your displays from one easy platform.
  • Save content to a USB and play all your media straight through the screen – anywhere, anytime!
  • Control your backlight intensity and power consumption for an eco-friendly, cost-saving solution.
  • The Q-Line’s internal memory creates cached versions of your content, so you’ll never be caught short if your network fails!

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In addition to all the fantastic features outlined above, the 50Q-Line premium range also offers:

Take your display network to the next level by running your own apps, or any app from the Android store. The built-in scheduler offers full flexibility to suit your audience, and auto-orientation means you simply need to rotate your screen to play your favourite portrait and landscape content. 

Optimise your content with 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution (four times that of a standard Full HD display!)

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Manage content and networks easily with CMND

CMND is an end-to-end solution for connected professional displays that lets you do everything simply and centrally, whether you have one display or 1,000. CMND & Deploy simplifies system, and CMND & Control helps you oversee system operation, system updates and maintenance. Easily create content and push it live with CMND & Create, and drive interaction and personalisation with CMND & Check-In.

The best part? You can do all this via one drag and drop interface. 

•   Enjoy seamless integration across our whole range

•   Simplify and streamline display management and configuration

•   Add/remove settings simply

•   Distribute APKs fast

•   Manage RF and IPTV channels


Do your menu justice

Have you got customers in the food and beverage sector?
If so, Philips have got the perfect solution to make their products look utterly irresistible.

Digital menus – make choosing easier with crisp images and wide viewing angles.

Dynamic window displays – give your customers the stopping power to make passers-by go WOW (ultrabright even in full sunlight).

Ambilight TVs – add another dimension to bar entertainment with dynamic radiating light - ask your Account Manager for options.

Central management – whether your customer has one screen or one thousand screens, CMND can help them manage content smoothly and efficiently from one central hub. This end-to-end Philips solution assists both you and your end-user engage customers like never before, making it simple to deploy, operate, update and maintain your entire solution. Find out more about CMND here.

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