What is BrightSign’s new BrightVoice™ Solution and how does it work?

Digital signage media players have helped innovate digital signage. Content can now be managed from a single point, anywhere in the world – the content managed has also become more interactive and engaging with audiences.

BrightSign is the global market leader in digital signage media players. They’re known for their reliability and easy to use products, as well as their impact on the future of digital signage.

Digital signage has transformed since the first generation of digital signage, it is now widely adopted into every industry and used in a variety of ways.

Will Mathews, Digital Signage specialist at Midwich“Because each display can be tailored, and digital signage can be used everywhere, there is no longer one common way of using it. Everyone uses it differently to their best interests.” – Will Matthews, Digital Signage Brand Manager

What is BrightVoice?

Digital signage media players can produce an endless stream of content, engaging and informing customers. Most digital signage now has a degree of interactivity and BrightVoice allows users to go beyond the mainstream and produce digital signage that stands out, with a voice activated digital signage solution that delivers a unique hands-free interactive experience.

A347 Q419 Brightsign Blog Profile 2 M“AI is the future of signage, tailored and personalized content adapting to each viewer and detailed data on the efficacy of the signage.”

-Jenny Hicks, Midwich Head of Technology

This technology allows users audiences to interact with digital signage using their voice. They can engage in tailor-made conversations using a wake word followed by natural voice commands. With BrightSign, users can control their audiences’ experience and deliver customer and intuitive audience engagement.

BrightVoice intelligently deciphers the speech to accurately trigger playback of on-screen content, music, lighting and actions on other devices.

How Does BrightVoice Work?

BrightVoice comes with the required service, BrightVoice Command Model Service. This is a collaborative process between BrightSign and the customer and helps create custom structured voice models using a standard wake word.

The wake word can be used to create voice-activated digital signage presentations that run on BrightSign.

The BrightVoice Command Model Service consists of:

  1. A standard wake word, which is a word or phrase that causes the device to begin listening to the user, for example, ‘OK Google’ is the wake word to access Google Assistant.
  2. The creation of custom voice commands and their variants matched to specific triggers.
  3. A BrightSign delivered BrightVoice Command Model, an application that can be used to build presentations in BrightAuthor.

The BrightVoice Command Model Service includes the development and testing of variant commands to ensure accuracy and reliability. The application uses the following process:

Level 1. Action Scheme Creation: determine what interactive actions BrightSign will control in the display such as playing music, triggering images/videos, changing lighting, etc.

Level 2. Voice Scheme Creation: determine key voice commands, phrases and words to trigger each planned action.

Level 3. BrightVoice Development: BrightSign programs, tests and fine-tunes the custom command model based on the specified voice scheme.

Level 4. BrightVoice Model Release: BrightSign provides a finished model the customer can use with BrightAuthor connected or integrated partner solutions to build their presentations.


  • BrightVoice listens to and interprets spoken commands
  • Mimics commercially available voice enables devices
  • Deciphers phrases to trigger a wide range of actions
  • Employs speech-to-text decoding to ensure accuracy
  • Operates securely and anonymously
  • Functions entirely offline
  • Custom wake word creation is available upon request

What Products Does BrightVoice Work With?

BrightSign XD1034 or XT1144 players with a software license can have the BrightVoice application installed.

The digital signage will require a USB connected BrightVoice microphone accessory and the BrightSign player will need BrightVoice Command Model Service.

How can I find out more about BrightSign’s BrightVoice Solution?

Will Mathews, Digital Signage specialist at MidwichThere are infinite possibilities for using BrightSign media players and their new BrightVoice™solution, for example voice activated digital signage in museums, shops and leisure outlets. If you would like to find out more about this innovative new solution please contact our Digital Signage Brand Manager Will Matthews.