Canon In The Public Sector

Canon has played a key part in the public sector for the past 40 years, helping to communicate, educate, collaborate, diagnose and protect. Whatever the uniform or workplace, Canon supports the public sector in its mission to protect and invigorate every citizen’s life, from beginning to end.

The public sector has changed in nature, especially the way it interacts with private sectors. However, the core principles of the public sector remain the same, with the people and their journey at the heart of the challenge. Today’s citizens want higher quality services with a touch of personalisation, at the same time, public service processes have changed, becoming indefinitely more in-depth, with tightened budgets and pressure to do more for less.

"The need for innovation is the most incredible part of it - it's no secret that the public sector as a whole is under pressure to do more with less,"

- Bob Pickles, Canon UK’s head of corporate and government affairs.

Over the past 40 years, Canon has played a vital role in the public sector, offering all public sector organisations access to their extensive portfolio of imaging products, software and services.

Innovation in the Public Sector

Public sector organisations want to improve their efficiency through innovation. Using smarter information management and technology that supports knowledge-exchanges enables them to do this.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework helped the public sector meet the 21st century, allowing the public and private sectors to work together. They offer public bodies pre-tendered contracts with a range of suppliers. The framework also avoids time-consuming procurement processes, instead, allowing the public sector to get the products they need when they need them. Canon has been awarded ‘supplier status’ in three lots of CCS framework.

The CCS framework allows canon to offer their extensive range, whilst helping the public sector reduce their costs by offering exclusive public sector pricing. Best known for their photography and print offering, which are still described as their ‘core technologies’, Canon delivers useful propositions to the public sector.

Combining the CCS framework with Canon’s online portal detailing the range of services and products they can offer, makes it easier for officials in the public sector to identify the technology they need.

Canon has enabled the public sector to embrace new technologies and benefit from automation. From education and healthcare to local government and transport, Canon is working on creating a more efficient public sector.

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Canon in Primary and Secondary Education

So far, schools have loved Canon being a part of the CCS framework. “The new machines are easier to use and cheaper than previous equipment,” one happy school exclaimed. Another commented that Canon had offered them “the best deal by far”.

Canon donated technology for our Power Up Your Local School competition in 2019, where resellers nominated a local school they think deserved to receive £10,000 worth of technology. Canon generously donated an MF633CDW A4 colour multifunction laser printer which made a huge difference to the teachers at Stratford St Mary primary school, in Suffolk.

“The new wireless printers have allowed my teaching staff to print directly from our iPad’s which is saving us a lot of money and resource.”

- Karen Bilner, Head Teacher, Stratford St Mary Primary School

Canon has also helped to find cost-effective printing solutions that provide high-quality output for The Enchanted Wood Preschool. Previously, The Enchanted Wood Preschool struggled with expensive, poor quality printouts, as well as a lack of wireless print connectivity.

Canon alleviated these problems, as they implemented a solution that was quick and easy to use. Installation of the Canon MAXIFY series resulted in a reduction in costs and inks that needed to be replaced less often. The MAXIFY series also introduced wireless printing to the preschool.

“The Canon MAXIFY does everything we need it to do. Most importantly, with the speed and efficiency of the printer and the wireless connectivity, we save so much time and effort, allowing us to concentrate on our work with the children.”

- Abie Sanford, Owner, Enchanted Wood Preschool

Canon in Higher Education

With an uncapped number of student places, universities are having to compete harder than ever to attract students, whose raised expectations demand the very highest standards across the board, from teaching to facilities and technology. Canon has worked closely with The University of Glasgow to improve their process of printing and scanning in order to help them make cost savings that can then be re-invested to expand the services and experiences offered to students. Installing a managed print service helped to improve the user experience from both students and teachers. It also resulted in more than £5.5million expected savings in over 5 years and 7% less electricity used.

“Now, there’s no frustrations or waste. You send your job, walk to a printer and collect your work. The print service today is fast, reliable and easy to use. It has made a massive difference to my work.”

- Amir Ibrahim, Post-graduate student.

Canon in Healthcare

Healthcare is facing the struggle of performing with increased efficiency on shrinking budgets. Patients expect prompt responses with tailored treatments and flexible self-care options.

Canon has worked in the healthcare sector for over 80 years. They understand the needs and demands of healthcare businesses on security, the environment and tight budgets. Canon can help healthcare businesses of all sizes work to become more efficient and deliver improved patient care.

Canon worked with St James’s Hospital to do just that and as a result, they enhanced the hospital's document management by integrating seamlessly with the other existing electronic processing system’s already in place.

“The improved turnaround for transaction processing has eliminated a two-day month end document checking process. It has also streamlined the query resolution process, which could take up to five days with documents being moved around the site - now only takes one day on average.”

- Pat Bailey, SAP System Support at St James’s Hospital

Canon in Local Government

Canon offers a wide range of multi-functional devices, designed for slightly bigger organisations.  This range is ideal for local authorities that are looking to both manage their network printers in-house and need a bespoke print solution under one management service.

Leeds City Council is one case study that has better managed their costs and tackled their inefficiencies thanks to Canons’ public sector offering. In the first year, they saved up to 30% of financial savings and accurate reporting allowed for continuous improvements.

“The improvement has been dramatic. Small changes like the visibility of print queues and individual PIN access make sure that documents don’t get lost and save you time.”

- Jo Miklo, Head of Business Administration.

Canon’s third offering to the public sector is designed for large organisations to outsource network printing to a trusted supplier, without compromising efficiency and security.

Lambeth Council took advantage of Canons exclusive public sector pricing of this offering and successfully lowered their printing costs by 30% and saved £150,000 when they needed to reduce costs.

Public Sector in the Future

Canon is working towards creating a more efficient and effective public sector by delivering products that streamline their processes. The CCS framework has enabled them to help deliver quality, trusted products to the public sector without long delays from procurement.

Having partnered with the public sector for the past 40 years, Canon knows not only the needs of the public sector but also the challenges they face.

“Our response is always to try to understand what the requirement is, rather than just coming along and saying, 'this is a great product, how can we squeeze it into your's about us listening, and then responding to needs."

- Bob Pickles, Canon UK’s head of corporate and government affairs.

Top Models for Public Sector

Canon CANLBP223DW Mono Laser Printer 1 1 Canon Midwich 2316C024 Printer 1 Canon Midwich G5050 Printer 2

LBP220 Range

G4511 G5050

For more information on our Canon products and Canon in the public sector, please contact our Canon Specialist, Ben Jones. | 01379 649249