Why is it important to have a UC strategy?

Many businesses use different forms of communication to collaborate. From emails and text messages to video calls and phone calls, conversations seamlessly weave across channels depending on the communication needs at the time. 

Since the global pandemic and the rapid integration of flexible working arrangements such as hybrid working and remote working, keeping connected and organised within agile organisations has become even more important. While more and more businesses around the world are adjusting to the post-pandemic world and New Ways of Working (NWoW), technical preparations and a gap in a Unified Communications (UC) strategy may result in lost productivity, high employee turnaround and, ultimately, lost earnings. 

By storing everything in one place, irrespective of origin and enabling management of communications remotely, a UC strategy is essential for a business no matter what platforms are used.

Furthermore, end-user engagement and productivity can only be achieved by bringing together the key elements of a UC strategy.


What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is a concept where video conferencing tools are integrated so communications received from a variety of sources can be managed all in one entity instead of separately. This enables better management of workloads by seeing who and what resource is available to help deal with the task at hand.

Ultimately, UC&C technology is everything you see in your meeting rooms, board rooms and home offices that enable members of the team to communicate better, smoother and more efficiently. The most common tools used are USB cameras and video bars, microphones, displays, headsets, audio and cloud-based storage. 

If done correctly, a UC&C strategy can help businesses during times of uncertainty like the COVID-19 pandemic. It can also help improve productivity and decision-making for staff and allow companies to shift to a hybrid working or remote working model.

It would also ensure staff retention and satisfaction levels. For example, Spotify has recently announced the Work from Anywhere policy which contributed to the 15% lower attrition rate, 12.5% decrease in time spent hiring and a considerable increase in diverse employees. 

Spotify, like many other companies, is benefiting from UC technology, implementing a UC strategy and bringing flexibility to their employees. 


What is a UC Strategy?

Using UC&C tools, a tailored UC strategy addresses any potential scenarios within your business and covers workers’ needs and requirements to improve productivity and efficiency.

By putting a plan in place, companies can ensure the platforms chosen are the best ones for the business.

The strategy should cover the following points:

  • Defined outcomes and benefits to the business.
  • What tools is the company already familiar with and how they can be integrated?
  • What will they potentially need access to in the future?
  • What routes do the communication tools take to reach their end goal i.e. internet, phone lines, intranet, etc?
  • What licensing or subscriptions are needed for the use of the UC&C channels?
  • Policies for BYOD, BYOM, security and processes. It should also cover what happens if a business is acquired or merges with another.
  • What should happen, if like in the COVID-19 pandemic, staff need to work from home quickly? What procedures are in place?
  • Learning and training – ensuring staff have the necessary understanding and resources to utilise the tools effectively. This includes continual updates as technology develops.
  • Transition into hybrid, remote, agile or any type of flexible working. How can you make the transition easier and smoother for both the companies and their employees?

While UC&C can help businesses with integrating all communications channels into one place, a tailored UC strategy is integral to ensure its effective implementation. Speaking to staff and reviewing the goals and benefits of UC&C, will put companies in better stead for successful collaboration.


Learn More at UC Expo

On Wednesday 12th – Thursday 13th October 2022, we’ll be attending UC Expo, at stand R34, to showcase all things UC&C! Whether you’re just starting on your UC journey, or you consider yourself a pro, we can offer inspiration and confidence to drive your business further.

As we’ve discussed, the way employees and customers communicate has rapidly changed and continues to undergo a massive transition. Working from home, hybrid workforces and desk-less workers are just a few examples of the new ways of working that UC&C solutions can support. With a strong UC strategy in place, businesses can combat any challenge that arises and maintain high expectations of communication and collaboration.

With our extensive vendor offering, hands-on expertise and knowledge-driven teams, we can facilitate the needs of your customers’ business, whatever the requirement.

Check out some of our amazing exhibitors that will be showcasing kits on our stand below...




It's a chance to see the latest collaborative technologies in action and better understand their benefits. 

Interactive Displays

Move your displays forward by adding touch to the meeting room. Delivering fast, smooth and responsive touchscreens for the most enjoyable experience, iiyama 04-series interactive displays will be on show at UC Expo. Exhibiting their 65” and 75” interactive displays with USB- C connectivity and power, with the help of Peerless brackets that are ideal for interactive large format displays, you will be able to see a combination that can transform any meeting room or training room.


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing tools such as video bars and PTZ cameras have been pushing the limit by introducing even more innovation and smart features that further optimise every remote or hybrid meeting.

Complimenting their display offering, iiyama has launched a new UC&C range that includes conference cameras and Bluetooth speakerphones.

There is a lot more to see and experience with the top brands such as Aver, Poly, Huddly, Yealink and Neat fully Teams and Zoom certified solutions. This incredible range of vendors will bring their best, intelligent and cost-effective products to the stand!

Video is nothing without the same high-quality audio, Sennheiser will showcase their TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones with voice lift technology, that combine the advantages of a boundary microphone and a microphone array. Resulting in the best experience for everyone on the call, making meetings inclusive.


Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms

The rise of hybrid meetings has made Microsoft Teams and Zoom household names. The UC&C technology has adapted to incorporate these collaboration platforms so their products can run smoothly and effortlessly on Microsoft Teams and Zoom natively.

Learn more on how Microsoft Teams Rooms, new Front Row is helping bring workers together for a real-time experience and how it can help future-proof your business HERE!

Neat Frame has addressed the personal agility within the businesses that is reflected in its small size but powerful features. It’s already Zoom Certified while Microsoft Teams Certified Neat Frame is coming soon.

In-room compute has driven the meeting room solutions for both Zoom and Teams, and Lenovo with their ThinkSmart range of products that have provided the core and control for all room sizes.

Yealink have gone from strength to strength as the meeting space has changed due to their complete range of room solutions including MTRs.


Wireless Conferencing

Barco have always provided content sharing at the touch of a button but the CX range has encompassed the UC&C peripherals in the room allowing content to be share wirelessly into any conferencing platform.

Roomz booking panels are now essential with hybrid working as maximising the utalisation of space is more important than ever. All of this technology is adding to the demands on buildings’ power requirements and the value of what is kept within them. Ensure you provide cleaner power and protect it all from surges with Surgex’s range of power management solutions.

Register for UC Xpo today!

Problems will arise and all you can do is provide the best solution with what is currently available to your business at that point in time. As technology changes, so will the best solution.

The answer? To constantly ask, Is our strategy working as well as it could be and are users happy with it?

If you would like to know more about UC&C and how it can be implemented effectively, please speak to our dedicated UC&C team at ucc@midwich.com or 01379 649200