Future Projection Trends | What to Look for at Tech Xpo

Projection may not get the same attention that LED displays do, but the future looks bright. Light source technology as well as a range of special features – such as those aiding in simulation, large venues and immersion – have evolved drastically to create extraordinary experiences in every industry. From accessible sports to narrow spaces to art exhibitions, projection has enabled businesses to flourish.

Tech Xpo is a unique opportunity to meet projection experts and see the technology in person to explore how far it has come in recent years and what is next for 2023 and beyond.


Increasing Number of LED Units

In a consumer world where sustainability is at the forefront of innovation, LED is the answer. In comparison to a standard lamp, an LED light source is more energy-efficient and ensures a longer lifespan. LED projection is vastly more cost-efficient to users whether in the commercial or public sector – who will benefit from not having to replace projectors as frequently.

A typical DLP/LCD projector has a lamp life of 2,000 hours. Today, the new projectors on the market offer a whopping 30,000 hours of lamp life – this equals the time spent binge-watching Netflix for 8 hours a day over 10 years! 

LED projectors operate at lower temperatures which translates to quieter spaces (as fans don’t need to spin quite so strenuously) and safer environments. LED projectors are also more compact so the carbon footprint of transporting them around the world has decreased. And of course, LED makes for the perfect on-the-go projectors for taking to engaging and informative trade shows.


Golf Simulation Technology

Golf simulators have become increasingly popular, providing golfers with a realistic indoor golf alternative to traditional golf. The latest statistics from 2020 revealed that there was a 50% increase in golf simulator sales and the National Golf Foundation reported that 12.1 million golfers were playing off-course. 

The powerful computer model has many benefits - it allows users to play no matter the weather or season, gives users more freedom and users can practice on their own, to name a few.

BenQ has an entire range dedicated to golf simulation, aiming to create realistic golfing experiences. Their range of 4K UHD resolution projectors deliver awe-inspiring clarity and detail, showing every minute nuance that is so important in golf. Additionally, features include high brightness for finding the club path and angle strike to track the shot. Colour accuracy ensures the course looks realistic so golfers can fully immerse themselves in the game.

BenQ Golf Simulator Projection 

High-end 3 LCD & 3-chip DLP Install Projectors

A 3 LCD projector uses three transparent LCD panels, a separate panel for each primary colour (red, green and blue) to produce images. A 3-chip DLP projector uses a prism to split light into primary colours while micromirrors reflect and combine the light to create the same or similar results. These two types of technology are the latest innovations in creating excellent, high quality and highly accurate images.

Although LCD technology has been around since the 1960s, it has been refined and perfected to give us the high-end projectors that dominate the market today. LCD projectors offer incredible colour brightness levels and detailed images. In comparison, DLP technology came slightly later in the ‘80s.

The newer 3-chip DLP projectors prevent colour deterioration and offer increased reliability. Due to using reflective mirrors, it does not absorb much of the heat – preventing damage caused to internal components.

Epson first revealed the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000-lumen 3 LCD projector at ISE 2022. It features a hermetically sealed optical engine to keep image-spoiling dust at bay and throw a QUXGA 1,920 x 1,200 resolution image up to 1,000 inches at 16:10 aspect. The new series is 60% smaller and 50% lighter than its predecessors, offering new features such as energy efficiency and speedy set-up.

Epson high lumen laser projectors have been used to create immersive and interactive experiential environments at major events around the globe including Europe’s Festival of Lights and the Electric Forest Music Festival in America.

Delivering high brightness and superb image quality for staging and rental applications, 3 LCD and 3-chip DLP install projectors remain the most flexible, versatile and cost-effective way to produce images up to 600 inches.


Ultra-Short-Throw, Periscope & Rear Lenses for Signage, Rental and Staging

Ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors are perfect for digital signage because they can produce a huge image from a very short distance. Most projectors require around one-inch distance from the wall for every inch of diagonal screen size. For a 100-inch image, you’d need 8-10 feet distance. UST projectors can create the same size image only a foot away from the screen.

Today, they are shorter than ever. For example, the Panasonic DLE020 was the world’s first UST zoom lens at a throw ratio of 0.28:1. Some UST projectors have lenses with enormous offsets, meaning that large-screen projection becomes possible in places where the ceiling was previously too high.

A periscope lens uses the same principle as a periscope toy you might have had as a child except it uses a single mirror to bend the light 90°. It offers optical zoom without having to physically move the projector.

Epson has developed a UST periscope lens for the Pro Series projectors. Featuring a 0.35 throw ratio and zero offset design, it can project an image up to 1000-inches while minimising shadows and light path obstructions. This is brilliant for small environments such as low-ceiling, rear projection and tight spaces.

Ultra-short-throw, periscope and rear lenses can all be used to create mind blowing digital signage, rental applications and staging. Projectors allow you to create captivating experiences by adding a layer of content on almost anything while the lenses make it possible no matter how compact the space is.


Projection Mapping for Immersive Rooms

How amazing would it be to bring events to life using common objects and transform them into interactive and memorable displays? It is possible and it’s called projection mapping! Whether it’s a new product launch, a museum exhibition or a party – projection mapping can transport guests into a new atmosphere and location.

Check out Motion Mapping’s video gallery, showcasing immersive projects like the AV Awards and Lancôme perfume promotion.

AV awards motion mapping

360° projection mapping and real-time projection tracking are the latest immersive technology to emerge. 360° projection mapping uses all surfaces and objects in the space. This involves projection from all directions using lots of projectors and camera systems to transfer seamless images. One of the most well-known examples is the Van Gogh immersive experience which uses 360° projections, 15,000ft2 screens and virtual reality elements to step into the celebrated paintings.

Real-time tracking is a recent trend changing how the performer, the audience and the environment interact with each other. It detects the positions and movements of the object or person in motion and projects content onto or around them. Once upon a time, this technology was reserved for huge concerts or international brands but today it is being used in corporate events too.

There are growing opportunities for projectors used in sensory room environments and immersive training. Projection mapping can be used to encourage communication, develop key skills and provide relaxing visual stimulation for children.


What is the Opportunity at Tech Xpo?

Tech Xpo is a chance to see some of this technology demonstrated in person, get hands-on and ask the experts any questions. At Midwich we have a team of specialists to help you choose the best projector, discuss how we can elevate your upcoming projects and introduce you to our vendors.

Epson will be showcasing a range of projectors at Tech Xpo including the EB-PU2220B, EB-PU1008B, ELPLX01S and EB-735Fi. Midwich TV caught up with Craig Waters from Epson to discuss what Epson are passionate about and what you can expect from Tech Xpo.

Watch interview 

You'll also have the chance to play some golf! BenQ are demonstrating the LK936ST+ 4K Installation Projector for a golf simulator experience. With up to 5,1000 lumens of brightness, it will perfectly reproduce the lush greens and vivid blues of the golf course at Ascot. 

In some laser projections, colour aberration can cause excess blues and purples where they are not intended. To eradicate this issue, BenQ teamed up with colour experts to develop and exclusive Golf Mode. A quick setting option, Golf Mode corrects purple fringing using the blue and green colours from popular golf software, and allows golfers to immerse themselves in pleasantly natural reproductions of blue sky and green grass. 

BenQ will also be showcasing the LW500ST WXGA LED Meeting Room Projector, EH620 Windows Smart Meeting Room Projector, TH690ST 4LED HDR Short Throw Projector for Console Gaming and the GV30 Portable Projector with Bluetooth speaker and extra bass.

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