Scanners are Essential for Businesses to Meet GDPR Regulations

With the arrival of GDPR, it’s vital that you are in control of all data held within your business. With an Epson DS-780N Scanner, it’s easy to monitor individual files and scan jobs, ensuring that all sensitive data is safely digested, filed, and stored.

The Epson DS-780N A4 Workgroup Document Scanner is an essential device for any business as it’s an efficient and effective means of converting physical information to manageable, secure digital content, and to share these documents over a network. The secure document processing abilities of the DS-780N allows for true network capabilities at multiple location points.  


Take Control of Your Data

If you are based in a busy workgroup and need to scan and share documents effectively, security is vital. With access via a centrally networked device with a lockable screen, the DS-780N will help you stay in control of your data. That includes everything held within your business, so there must be a system to easily monitor individual files and scan jobs, helping to ensure that the data remains protected – with secure document processing and efficient data management.

The Epson DS-780N has a built-in touch-panel, including network control, to enable it to be set-up by IT Administrators to utilise authentication on the scanner. This means that it can only be used by authorised personnel, allowing it to become part of any GDPR compliance planning. Plus, it doesn’t save any document-specific information on-board the device, so it’s also secure from any threat of data being removed and repurposed.


Extra Levels of GDPR Security

With the Epson DS-780N A4 Workgroup Document Scanner, administrators can manage a variety of tasks centrally, from scanning job profiles to gaining user access rights. And with the touch screen panel, the right jobs can be made available to the right users. IT Managers will also have the ability to remotely lock screens, preventing unauthorised profile amendments and ensuring that each user’s job-specific profile is available wherever they are within the business.

For businesses sharing a lot of PDF files, the Epson DS-780N offers file-level document restrictions for password protection functionality to halt unauthorised file opening, editing, and printing of securely scanned PDF’s.

Your business might also choose to include a card-reader, to allow user authentication prior to use. This can be tied in with a security system that’s already in place within larger companies, for such things as building access and follow-me printing. As another protection layer, this will help towards any GDPR compliance planning.

All Epson Business Scanners come with Document Capture Pro, a powerful software to help capture, name, separate, and place files where they need to be. Document Capture Pro Server edition allows IT administrators to control access to individual scanners across the network, and also comes as standard with any Epson networked scanner.


A Secure and Unique Pairing

At Midwich, we have an exclusive offer on a new bundle that includes the Epson DS-780N and an Elatec Card Reader. The two devices work seamlessly together to make it easier for you to monitor individual files and print jobs, which will help ensure that your data remains protected.

Our Scanner Specialists will be able to provide you with more information on this unique bundle and other Epson products that we stock.


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