Samsung at Technology Xposed 2019

Technology Xposed is our flagship event, where customers can see the latest and greatest technology from leading vendors.

Samsung never fails to deliver, showcasing a variety of products and technologies, suitable for a wide breadth of verticals.

If you missed Samsung at Technology Xposed 2019, or you want to relive the best bits, check out what they had on their stand below:

Wall Pro in the 3K setup

IMG 5268

Shown for the first time in the UK, Samsung unveiled the NEW The Wall Pro. This version of the wall is aimed more at the commercial market, tailoring key features to create a full immersive experience. Whereas other versions of this model, such as The Wall Luxe are made for consumer environment, with built-in Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

The Wall Pro is only 0.84-pixel pitch, made with Micro LED technology, taking care of LED HRD, HDR 10+, chroma technology upscaling, meaning that content shown on The Wall is the best possible quality.

The Wall Pro is perfect for text, spreadsheets, PowerPoints but also very high impact video within any foyers or high footfall areas.

Samsung Fl!p 2 65”

IMG 5198

Showcasing the latest version from the Samsung Flip range, this new model has the valuable addition of HDMI out, making it timeless to connect the Samsung Flip to addition screens.

This model also comes with a magnetic pen for easy writing, with up to 4 people having the ability to write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool.

VR Experience 

IMG 5591

Samsung regularly showcases the latest technologies and innovative ways to use them and this year was no different with the new VR experience. This experience gave customers the opportunity to see products used in different environments.


Samsung showed their OH55F Outdoor Display in both 55” and 46”, which can be conveniently and easily installed and now designed with an even thinner, all-in-one solution. Samsung have reduced the depth of the screen by 85mm, making the screens an impressive size of only 55mm deep.


This dual-sided screen is ideal for shop window environments, with each side adjusted for the environment which it is utilised. The window facing side’s 3000nit brightness helps maintain picture integrity regardless of sunlight, while the in-store side features 1000nit, delivering information clearly.

98-inch 8K model

IMG 5199

Samsung's QLED 8K UHD displays deliver an exceptionally realistic visual experience with a deeper perspective. Customers were encouraged to get up close and personal with this product, witnessing how sharp the image was from any distance.

This model focuses on performing the best quality content possible, upscaling content from standard definition Full HD 4K. Even running 4K content, Samsung can improve the image quality through artificial intelligence built into this model.