LG at Technology Xposed 2019

This year at Technology Xposed 2019, LG focused on showcasing the wide portfolio of products and technologies, alongside their newest releases.

If you missed them at the event, or just want to relive the best parts of their stand, you can do so below:

Transparent OLED Signage

LG Midwich 55EW5F A TV 3

One of the most highly anticipated pieces of technology on show at Technology Xposed 2019, was the first UK tradeshow showing of LG’s Transparent OLED. Perfect for high-end retail and the museum space, this technology transforms your business to a new level of creativity.

The pixels in this screen are self-lighting and maintain accurate and vivid colours even when the display becomes transparent. It brings content to life, making it difficult for people to separate content from the real objects placed behind the screen.

OLED Panels

LG Midwich OLED65W7V OLED TV 1

With an impressive depth of 4mm, these panels stand out from the crowd. Focusing on the very essence of TV, removing any elements that distract from viewing and listening.

In-Cell Interactive Digital Board

LG Midwich 65TC3D Display 90

In-cell technology is the same technology in smart phones and tablets but on an 86” screen, meaning its extremely responsive.

LG also had one of their new interactive screens that runs off Android base, a very commonly used operating system which most people are used to.

Ultra  Stretch Displays

LG Midwich 88BH7D Display 4

Available in two sizes 86” and 88”, these products are perfect for a number of different applications.

Fantastic for retail, the 88” display can effortlessly advertise a whole outfit, comfortably fitting a full-size model on screen.

The 88” screen is also great in the landscape for high-end boardrooms, used with a video conferencing solution.

Healthcare TV


One of the smaller screens showcased at Technology Xposed, this screen demonstrates the versatility of LG screens. A simplistic 15” touch screen with smart TV, designed to be utilised in hospitals.


LG Midwich 75UH5E Display 8

This large 75” 4K model, displays superb picture quality and brightness, enough to capture the attention of passers-by.

Mainstream displays

The traditional commercial TVs, boasting the ability to fit a variety of different scenarios and for a variety of different budgets.