Putting the 'A' Back into 'AV'

Midwich are proud to sponsor AV Magazine's AV Academy...

AUDIO – It’s right there as an integral part of audio visual but is so often underspecified!

A critical part of any AV system, audio is often overlooked in deference to highly specified IT and video technologies. Perhaps this may be due to a lack of valuable knowledge and understanding - in which case we may have just the solution!
AV Magazine and Midwich are proud to present the AV Academy, a flexible course which will give you the tools to hone those audio skills so it can be directly applied to corporate, education and high performance applications.
AV Magazine has offered us a discount tickets for our valued customers. 
By attending the course you will gain the skills and knowledge to:
  • Assess audio needs for a project
  • Identify and anticipate issues that may impact audio systems
  • Create an audio design system
  • Create audio system documentation
  • Understand system commissioning and set-up
  • Audio system fault find
The courses:
What is Sound - 1 & 2 March 2016, Royal College of Physicians, London 
Corporate AV - 16 March 2016, Morgan Stanley HQ, London 
Education AV - 6 April 2016, Queen Mary’s University of London, London 

High Performance Sound* - 13 April 2016, Cadogan Hall, London

Please apply TTU96789 discount code below to receive your 20% discount.


*high performance – aimed at those working in larger spaces - 300 people or more, or for projects where there is a higher proportion of music content. Many different factors need to be taken into account when sound gets loud!