A quick way to save the planet & deliver REAL long-term ROI

Yes, it’s true, KYOCERA’s unique ceramic drum technology, which features in all of their printers and MFPs, reduces customer’s print costs and helps to save the planet too.

If you sell printers, you can confidently inform your customers that the advantages of an ECOSYS technology printer is real long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) plus an overall direct and positive impact on the environment. Great ROI is something many manufacturers claim but in this instance, the durability of the ceramic drum really does make a difference.

How? - Three benefits of KYOCERA ECOSYS technology

  1. Ceramic drum - The patented amorphous silicon print drum is extremely hard wearing, second only to diamonds in hardness. Developed to enable printers to cope with very high workloads, the drum is guaranteed to last for up to 500,000 pages on selected printers or three years (compared to an average of only 100,000 for most competitors’ lower volume products). It also means that printers can cope with sheets of up to 250grams without the drum being affected.
  2. Drum separate from toner– By recommending KYOCERA’s ECOSYS models, your customers will benefit from having to replace less. Did you know that most conventional printers use an imaging cartridge that contains the drum, developer and toner in a single disposable unit? When the toner is depleted, the entire cartridge has to be replaced, at significant cost to your customer. KYOCERA’s drums are separate from the toner, so when the toner runs out, the toner is all your customers’ needs to replace.  This means that ECOSYS printers create less waste and lower running costs than any other competitive product 
  3. Total cost of ownership (TCO) – If you take the direct costs of purchase and operating costs per page, plus the ongoing indirect costs of maintenance, replacement of consumables, use of print media, administration of the machine and the costs of energy to power it, KYOCERA’s ECOSYS technology devices are invariably the lowest in their class. Their cartridge-free printing significantly reduces overall costs and provides great TCO for most organisations.

It’s certainly worth discussing these long-term ROI benefits with customers when they’re considering new printers, particularly if they’re being asked to ensure company-wide economies.

Even more reasons to recommend KYOCERA!

At the moment, KYOCERA are offering even more ways for your customers to get business fit, with a range of offers on selected best-selling models:-

  • End user cashback of up to £150
  • FREE 3 year warranty upgrades
  • Price drops of up to £550

For any more information on KYOCERA document solutions, please contact Andrew Kirkby KYOCERA sales specialist on 01379 649326.