All About LG’s All-In-One LED Screen

Introduced to the market in 2019, the LG 130” all-in-one LED screen can transform a corporate or education environment. It delivers superb picture quality, supported by HDR10, to present accurate and vivid colours to viewers, whilst also captivating them with Surface Sound driven by 36 embedded sound units.

Arguably the greatest advantage of this screen is its absence of mid-screen bezels. Giving the audience a seamless 130inch undistorted, immersive viewing experience.

With vivid colour expression powered by HDR10 pro support, viewers can enjoy the content as it appears in real life. With a wider colour spectrum and greater contrast ratio, images look lifelike and more realistic. The content displayed on the LG 130” becomes more vivid and has a greater visual impact.

An All-In-One Solution

The LG 130” all-in-one LED screen does not simply offer vibrant content on a large screen, it offers so much more than that.

It offers immersive surface sound, with no additional speakers required for its impactful audio effect. The screen features 36 points of 4.5W, delivering an impressive overall 162W from the entire screen, enabling clear audio to reach everyone in the room, including those sat far away from the screen.

Regardless of what content you are displaying on this screen, there are layouts to fit a variety of needs. With PBP (Picture-By-Picture) two input sources can be displayed on the screen at the same time in full, featuring multi-screen in a single display. Whereas a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) option can support the main screen with a sub screen at the same time. PIP comes with various layouts, giving the flexibility to allocate space for each content source.


Not only has this display been designed with easy installation in mind, but it has also been designed to easily integrate with other AV systems within your meeting room environments.

The screen has been certified Crestron Connected which helps achieve a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls, often found in corporate settings. It also features automated control, boosting business management efficiency.

Easy Installation

The 130" all-in-one LED screen can be installed in various setups, such as wall, and mobile depending on its environment and usage needs. Leading AV mount specialist Peerless has designed solutions in partnership with LG to provide you with the best mounting accessories for any setup, these can be added on to any purchase of the LG 130” all-in-one LED screen.

When setting up this display, users do not need to worry about any complicated screen set up processes. The LED screen is composed of one master unit case and eight slave unit cases. Each unit case automatically recognizes its location and setting values. All that is needed to configure the screen, is to simply turn on the screen. It is as easy as that.

Once the 130” is installed, it is easy to manage with access from the front side for easy operation. Its LED modules can also be simply attached or detached by hand or with a magnetic tool.

Fantastic for Corporate Environments

Meeting room presentations are brought to life on this screen. The LG Full HD LED screen has HDR, (High Dynamic Range) this provides a greater ratio in terms of contrast, which gives a much higher picture quality.

This display is made up of 9 individual panels that create the massive screen.  This modular technology allows the screen to fit seamlessly into any room and can be built anywhere – there are no restrictions with fitting a prebuilt screen through a complex office building.

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Whether you want to play video content or display PC based material, you can do so, with several different connective ports including HDMI, display port, UBC and more.

Fantastic for Educations Environments

Not only can this screen captivate an audience with static images and presentation, but also for dynamic images such as video content. Whatever you want to show on this screen, it will transform the content on screen.

This display features surface mounted diode LED, in a native Full HD resolution with HDR support, helping you achieve a high-quality image with exceptional colour reproduction.

Teachers and academics can easily use the screen without the need for time spent on additional training. The screen is intuitive and easy to use for user convenience. There is no need to connect an external PC, users can easily access the settings, such as picture mode, volume, etc. using a remote control. The remote uses the same UI as general LG digital signages and is very simple and easy to use.

Classroom settings are limited on time and every second needs to be efficient, there is no room for technology to fail. The built-in Quad-Core SoC in this display gives it all the Multitasking punch that’s required, whilst providing smooth content playback without the need for an additional media player.

To find out more about our LG offering, contact Arvin Mohabeer, LG Brand Manager. | 01379 649337