How Occupancy Monitoring Using BlueFox and BrightSign is Improving Social Distancing Measures

Occupancy monitoring has always been a valuable tool for both retail and enterprise businesses. However, since the coronavirus pandemic began, occupancy monitoring has been a key element to businesses adhering to social distancing measures.

While lockdown measures ease, social distancing isn’t going anywhere for a long time. When the UK can start to relax social distancing measures will rely heavily on the effectiveness of the vaccines. But, until we know they are effective, social distancing is here to stay.  

To help improve the effective management of social distancing, occupancy monitoring helps businesses monitor the footfall within certain spaces. BlueFox and BrightSign have teamed up to provide a comprehensive social distancing solution for businesses to manage strict capacity guidelines.


What is occupancy monitoring?

Occupancy monitors let you track the exact amount of people in a space at any one time. This capability can be built-in to the BrightSign player or done through a sensor placed in a central position at the location.

More recently, occupancy monitoring has been a powerful tool to keep track of how many people are in a business at any one time. By using occupancy monitoring technology, businesses can remove uncertainty and human error and ensure their capacity is kept within safe parameters.


Adhering to social distancing measures with BlueFox and BrightSign

BlueFox has teamed up with BrightSign to offer a comprehensive social distancing solution for businesses to manage strict capacity guidelines.

By combining BlueFox Count with BrightSign’s digital signage media players, organisations can measure occupancy rates and can send alerts if a location surpasses its capacity. This removes the need for dedicated staff stationed at business entrances to supervise those entering and leaving.


This foot traffic analytics solution encourages businesses and visitors to adhere to social distancing. The BlueFox Count and BrightSign solution also provides peace of mind to employees, customers and visitors. It shows that their welfare is of the utmost importance and safety precautions are in place.

And, by providing real-time data, businesses can get a better understanding of footfall traffic. This enables a more effective measurement of performance, especially during unpredictable situations like the coronavirus pandemic. It also helps businesses make important decisions in real-time, and with real data.


How does BlueFox Count work with BrightSign players?

BlueFox Count is available as an extension installed into the BrightSign player. The patented technology detects all mobile devices located within a range of up to 100 feet (30 metres). It then reports how many mobile phones are within the space.

The system then immediately notifies an on-site team when the number of people present exceeds a pre-set threshold. At the same time, it triggers the local digital signage to display ‘Please wait outside’ messaging at entrances until it’s safe to enter.

BlueFox & BrightSign occupancy monitoring features:

  • Real-time occupancy monitoring
  • Counts people by detecting smartphones within the vicinity - no app or beacon required
  • Triggers digital signage playback to match levels of capacity
  • Sends real-time alerts to managers when a location surpasses its occupancy threshold
  • Determines dwell times & reports on occupancy trends

BlueFox supports the full range of BrightSign Series-3 and Series-4 players featuring the WiFi/Bluetooth Module.

We’re still unsure about when things will return to normal. However, solutions like the BlueFox Count & BrightSign can help businesses adapt to the current situation and prepare for the future. With real-time occupancy data, businesses can uphold an effective social distancing policy and provide a safe and healthy environment for their staff, customers and visitors.

If you’d like to know more about how BlueFox and BrightSign can help businesses improve their social distancing measures, please contact our BrightSign specialist, Will Matthews. | 07894 810852