Adhering to social distancing with BlueFox Count + BrightSign

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on the world.

With the imposed lockdowns, many businesses had to close their doors to keep customers and staff safe.

While lockdown eases and social distancing requirements are still in place, businesses are looking at ways to operate effectively while adhering to strict safety guidelines.

To help ensure social distancing and the removal of uncertainty, effective management of people capacity is a must. By monitoring footfall, capacity can be kept within safe parameters.

A step in the right direction

BlueFox has teamed up with BrightSign to offer a comprehensive social distancing solution for businesses to manage strict capacity guidelines.

Combining BlueFox’s foot traffic analytics solution with BrightSign’s digital signage media players, organisations can measure occupancy rates and can send alerts if a location surpasses its capacity.

Offering real-time monitoring, the solution removes the requirement for dedicated members of staff being situated at entrances to supervise those entering and leaving.

While encouraging compliance to social distancing, the BlueFox Count and BrightSign solution provides peace of mind to employees and customers that their welfare is of the upmost importance and safety precautions are in place.

Furthermore, by providing real-time data, businesses can get a better understanding of footfall traffic enabling a more effective measurement of performance, especially during unpredictable situations like the coronavirus pandemic. Important decisions can be made in real-time too.

How it works

Available as an extension installed into the BrightSign player, BlueFox’s patented technology detects all mobile devices located within a range of up to 100 feet (30 metres) and reports how many mobile phones are within the space.

The system then immediately notifies an on-site team when the number of people present exceeds a preset threshold. At the same time, it triggers the local digital signage to display ‘Please wait outside’ messaging at entrances until it’s safe to enter.

BlueFox supports the full range of BrightSign Series-3 and Series-4 players featuring the WiFi/Bluetooth Module.


  • Monitors real-time occupancy
  • Counts people by detecting smartphones within the vicinity - no app or beacon required
  • Triggers digital signage playback to match levels of capacity
  • Sends real-time alerts to store managers when a location surpasses its occupancy threshold
  • Determines dwell times & reports on occupancy trends

While there is still uncertainty about when things will return to, what was once, normal – solutions like the BlueFox Count + BrightSign can help businesses adapt to the current situation and prepare for the future.

If you would like to discuss the BlueFox Count + BrightSign solution, please speak with Dan Rogers on / 01379 649393 or your Midwich account manager.