LG Stand Review | Tech Xpo 2022

LG is not new to Tech Xpo, but somehow its stand returns bigger and better each year – a testament to its continual innovation. A hub for networking and designed to take customers on a journey through digital signage in different environments, LG were proud of the stand the team put together. And no wonder! It was one of the most popular stands of the event.

Join Louis Robinson and Sammy Bews as they chat with Midwich TV at Tech Xpo. Take a tour of the LG stand and discover how LG is bringing innovation into 2023. 

Sammy deserves a big shoutout for bringing her expertise and fantastic energy to Tech Xpo. She was always present with a huge smile on her face or talking about the innovation of LG with passion in her voice during the pre-Tech Xpo interview. Her colleagues describe her as “born to be on camera!”. Sammy, you’re always welcome on Midwich TV.


Leading the Way with Innovation

In the pre-show interview on Midwich TV, Sammy told us that LG wanted to take customers on a journey and leave them with a talking point. Well, mission achieved! LG mapped the stand to showcase different innovative signage displays for different verticals throughout. Starting from one end, customers could journey through to find the perfect solution for the likes of retail spaces, outdoors and airports.

Completing the journey, customers end up at the focal point – the LED All-in-One Smart Series.


LG LED All-in-One Smart Series

LG LED display2

The LAEC 136” LED display was the talking point for most customers. Offered as an all-in-one package including an embedded controller and built-in speaker, uninspiring meetings are a thing of the past.

But the real selling point is how easy it is to install, maintain and use! Forget complex LED displays, the LG LAEC doesn’t require controller connections or module configuration. After a speedy installation process, all you need to do is turn on the screen with a remote control like your TV at home.

LG received great feedback at Tech Xpo: customers were pleasantly surprised, their expectations exceeded as they saw it live. They were especially impressed with its easy installation and flight case. Simply secure two cabinets, attach each LED display module to them and plug in the power cable – that’s it. The flight case includes every necessary component such as the landscape wall mount and tools.

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A UK First Showing

LG added the 22” FHD IP-rated Outdoor Display to its line-up at the last minute. It was the first time this display was demonstrated at an UK event. Featuring high brightness of 1,500 nits and impressive signage features, the versatile display is suitable for a range of businesses.

It’s designed to be waterproof and weatherproof against the damaging effects of sun, rain, snow, dust and rain. It is not restrained by the temperature; it has a wide operating temperature from -30°C to 50°C. While the Quad Core SoC, web monitoring and embedded Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Beacon ensure the operation and content distribution is seamless.

While LG was at Tech Xpo, they spontaneously caught up with PMV mounts and discussed an opportunity to collaborate on an accompanying mount – amazing news. This is what Tech Xpo is all about. Bringing people together.

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Create Immersive Experiences with the LG UM5J series

The LG UM5J display series wasn’t on display at Tech Xpo but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a mention as it’s a customer favourite! The slim sophisticated design improves the décor of any space while increasing its immersive experience. With a super high resolution that is 4x higher picture quality than FHD and a built-in speaker, content will be enriched to deliver content that commands public attention.

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Brilliant Networking Opportunities

Business revolves around networking and connections. That’s why the LG team believes live events are key to their success. Customers have a unique chance to interact with the technology and learn from experts rather than talking about a display over videocall or waiting for a reply via email. Live events do the technology justice.

We saw a lot of old customers at Tech Xpo which was great because we haven’t seen some of them in years. It also bought new opportunities and the most important part, there were lots of end-users which we hadn’t experienced before compared to previous Tech Xpo events. This was amazing.” – Honey Tavakoli, Distribution Account Manager at LG Electronics.


What’s the Key Takeaway?

LG’s key message of the event is that they are leaders of innovation. Need a robust display for outdoors? Got it. Need an engaging interactive display for the classroom? Got it. Need an impactful LED display for the meeting room? Got it. Its solutions are ever-evolving to incorporate new technology and trends. Sustainability is a key focus for 2023, to build on their existing green initiatives.


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