Introducing fi-7800 and fi-7900: Built for the demands of the modern workplace

“We’ve launched the fi-7800 and fi-7900 to appeal to our customers working in high-pressure environments, where their business productivity depends on using technology to enable extremely high levels of throughput, reliability and consistency.”

-Mike Nelson, Senior Vice President PFU (EMEA) Limited

Increase Office Productivity

Increasing productivity in UK workplaces has been an issue since the financial crisis in late 2000. Although most of Europe has been able to recover, it seems to be taking us a bit longer. Statistics show that the German worker achieves more in 4 days than a British worker in the equivalent job would in 5 days (Source: Office for National Statistics, 2016).

What is our solution to the national productivity puzzle?

Technology is among the more prolific and obtainable solutions. With the right equipment for the workplace, day to day tasks are able to become more autonomous, allowing staff to properly focus on the more complex tasks at hand.

Almost 90% of CEOs in the UK say digital technology is vital to improving productivity, and two-thirds of execs say they’re either 'confident' or 'very confident' in maximising productivity in this way

For this reason, Fujitsu have designed their new fi-7800 and fi-7900 specifically to improve productivity in the workplace. Fujitsu realised that faster speeds alone can’t sufficiently increase productivity and as such have incorporated additional features to help the office run smoothly. These include:

1. Industry-leading paper handling

Enjoy uninterrupted operation with the new Automatic Separation Control feature. This feature reduces the need for manual roller adjustments and minimises multi feeds and paper pick-up issues, helping to eliminate mispicks and rescans.

Speed up your processing with PaperStream Capture technology. By recognising what type of document you’re scanning as well as barcodes, this technology helps to sort and distribute your documents.

2. Ergonomic and user-friendly design

The fi-7800 and fi-7900 have been designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. Save time and effort by scanning large amounts of documents from a seated position and make use of the front access controls which make document feeding and collecting easier and quicker.

Operating these scanners is simplified without compromising on function or ability. The operation panel allows you to scan directly, adjust scanner settings and check any existing error notifications. The fi-7800 and fi-7900 also have a compact size giving the user freedom of space in their office.

3. Minimised maintenance time

With daily cleaning mode, these Fujitsu scanners minimise the need for lengthy maintenance outages. This ensures the glass surfaces and rollers are cleaned thoroughly, giving the scanners a longer product life. These scanners also feature a wide mouth and illuminate the inner workings with LED lights to make cleaning these areas quick and easy.

How can Digital Transformation help you?

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to be more efficient, save money and work smarter. Now, digital solutions are more readily accessible to small and medium businesses as well as larger companies. 

As part of the digital transformation, scanning solutions provide your business with the means to not only improve productivity but also save money, boost collaboration and work smarter. 

1. Save money

Let's face it, cost is a big factor in how we make decisions in the workplace. However, scanners start paying back their initial cost immediately. They allow you to move almost completely to a digital filing system which reduces costs associated with filing, archiving and paper storage. 

Opting for a digital storage system also allows you to make the most of your physical space. It may mean having a cleaner workspace, a bigger break-out room or not needing to spend money on an expensive office relocation.

2. Smarter Working

Not only does a digital filing system save you money but it also means your files are accessible instantly and remotely through cloud-based services or a network. This allows you to offer your employees flexible work options such as remote working or letting them use various smart devices. 

"Work smarter, not harder"

- Allen F. Morgenstern

And, if you set up a good system, your electronic documents will be organised faster and better than paper files. As well as this, finding, viewing and sharing your documents will be easy and instant. 

With all of this in mind, collaboration becomes far easier for staff that aren't necessarily in the same office or even country. Scanned documents can be combined with digitally created documents and shared in real time. 

3. Environmentally friendly

The pressure to become paperless is increasing as consumers are more aware of the impact it makes and buyer decisions relate directly to a business's environmental footprint. 

With documents stored and shared digitally, a business's footprint is significantly reduced. not only is less paper wasted but transport of documents is reduced as well as the amount of landfill. 


Why you should become a digital leader


The fi-7800 and fi-7900 - Scanners you can Rely on

Developed and manufactured at the ProDes Centre in Japan, Fujitsu puts each scanner through extensive testing to ensure they are only giving you the best. When you have a high-pressure environment, the last thing you need is machine malfunction. Due to their rigorous testing, Fujitsu are renown for the reliability of their products.

When it comes to the fi-7800 and fi-7900, they stand out from the rest. They're ready for the demands of the modern workplace with the fi-7800 scanning double-sided documents at 110ppm and the fi-7900 reaching 140ppm. 

fi-7800 and fi-7900


Limited Time 1,2,3 Offer

You can take advantage of Fujitsu’s 1, 2, 3 promotion. For every 3rd unit you sell within the same Fujitsu scanning category, you’ll receive one or more entries into their giveaway draw. If you’re one of their three lucky winners, you’ll have the chance to pick your own prize.

As part of the 1,2,3 offer, you'll earn 5 tokens for every 3 fi-7800 or fi-7900 scanners you sell. You'll be in the lead in no time! And then the only question is, would you rather a camera or a holiday?

Fujitsu Imaging Channel 1,2,3 reward program

As well as this limited time offer, Fujitsu offer an ongoing rewards program for all of their partners. Through this program you can earn points by logging your sales of Fujitsu Imaging products, attending training courses, certifying in specialist areas and referring new partners to sign up. 

These points can then be used on the latest electronics, luxury holidays, experiences and fashion accessories. 

Interested? Find out more about Fujitsu Imaging Rewards.


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