High Impact Viewing with LED

PSCo’s Stuart Holmes outlined why LED technology is set to take the sports viewing experience to the next level this summer.


With LED the only restriction is your creativity


Watching football at home is fine but for many, the experience is better when shared. That will typically mean it will be clubs, pubs and bars that will see the biggest benefit from the World Cup.

Nor will it just be drinking establishments that will profit. It’s generally accepted that the feel-good factor the World Cup generates – which increases in proportion to a British team’s success – translates into higher footfall in retail and an upsurge in spending.

When it comes to attracting and retaining customers for the wall-to-wall football schedule, an LED screen could well be your best option.

LED displays are ideal for creating a high impact solution when you want to watch sports in high resolution with pristine image quality,” says Stuart Holmes, Directors, PSCo, specialist division within the Midwich group. “The technology has evolved such that it is now capable of starting image quality with some now featuring HDR and Dynamic Peaking technology. With reduced pixel pitches, it means LED can also now be viewed from shorter viewing distances, sometimes as little as only 1 metre. Excellent viewing quality is achieved through LED’s high brightness, high contrast ratio, impressive colour gamut and fast refresh rate.

Midwich markets a range of LED product, including direct lit LED, a technology that originated in the outdoor market. “Direct lit LEDs are very robust, very reliable and very bright,” explains Homes. “LED can produce high brightness even in high ambient light environments.


Complete freedom

The thing I love about LED is that it’s now a truly viable display option,” Holmes adds. “Where previously you were restricted to a 16:9 ratio, due to the flexibility of LED’s modular design, we are seeing it being used in more bespoke applications to fit literally any space. It also excels in areas where a bezel-less canvas is required, so to provide one uninterrupted image ensuring there is no disruption to content – perfect for watching sports.

With LED you get total flexibility. It can deliver multiple resolutions in pixel pitches that go down to 0.7mm pixel pitch, at different aspect ratios and modular designs to fit any aperture. Typically, life spans run over 100,000 hours combined with low power consumption. With LED, the only restriction is your creativity.

LED is well suited for both fixed installs, where a permanent solution is required, and short-term rental applications. PSCo distribute a range of LED products from leading manufacturers – Absen, Samsung and Leyard – and provide a comprehensive range perfect for rental applications.

We have recently invested in the highest resolution, smallest pixel pitch outdoor product available (Absen Polaris 3.9mm High Brightness Black) which will be perfect if you’re looking for a screen to watch the football on this summer.


World Cup Supplement

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