Featured Vendor - Reserva

This quarter we are pleased to introduce Reserva as our first featured vendor of 2017, when asked why they were nominated, Naina tailer told us; 

“This is an exciting part of the market set that continues to grow, with every business needing to streamline the meeting and huddle process to increase efficiency and save valuable time and money. The Reserva range of products is a natural fit with our clients’ applications." 

Jon Dew-Stanley, director at Midwich added 

“The addition of room booking solutions to our portfolio strengthens our offering of complete audio visual systems for all vertical markets."


Formed in 2015, Reserva designs and develops high-quality, innovative room signage suitable for a range of different applications. Reserva room booking solution provides easy to install individual room signage dynamically linked to corporate calendaring or timetable systems. To minimise disruption and ensure installation is a smooth transition Reserva integrates with market leading corporate calendaring systems such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and many more.

The interactive displays help organisations to optimise the use of their workspace by enabling users to;

  • Quickly and easy book meeting
  • Find booked meetings
  • Cancel and reschedule meetings

Designed with simplicity in mind, Reserva can be installed as a standalone system with no large upfront costs. The easy to use Reserva Connection Manager application is installed on a networked PC or server and gives complete control over the room signs. On top of standard room signage, Reserva allows users to display basic digital signage on their screens to help corporations or universities maximise the use of their displays.

With workspace and design in mind, Reserva Room Signage comes in a range of screen sizes to choose from, whether it’s a small 7” display for a huddle area, 10.1” for a room or a 15.6” screen for a large auditorium. Reserva also understand that branding is also important in most corporations as a result Reserva Room Signage allows the user to add their organisations branding to the content. On top of that, to ensure corporations can fully utilise their work space throughout the office space, Reserva has a Check-in functionality that helps manage ‘no shows’.

Reserva room booking solution has also had a lot success in the education sector in particular Universities. Here it’s used to welcome students and provide important details throughout the day such as lesson times and in some cases emergency information. With 13 different languages to auto-scroll from, it’s a great addition to make foreign students feel accepted at any campus.Reserva also understands that Universities use a different timetabling system to corporations and therefore have ensured that Reserva room signage can be fully integrated with Scientia timetabling system.

“Reserva is a market leading brand that specialises in the development of meeting room signage technologies. We develop solutions which integrate with market leading calendar/ time table platforms used in the corporate, education and hospitality industries. Reserva goes beyond meeting room signage and can also be used a part of a corporate communications digital signage network” Simon Carp, Product Manager for Reserva.

Room signs are not the only product in the portfolio, Reserva’s summary content is ideal for communal areas and clearly shows meetings scheduled across several rooms, helping end users easily find out where they need to be even when last minute location changes are required. This solution is especially valued in Universities where 20-30% of the student population enrol at the start of the academic year with no knowledge of the campus layout. Many of the most successful incumbents in the room signage market are simply unable to deliver this solution.

To complement the hardware and software products, Reserva provides a range of professional services to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions. These include content and application development, customisation and integration of solutions, network management & monitoring and maintenance & support.

Headquartered in the UK, Reserva look forward to an exciting partnership with Midwich to provide the best solution. Hugh Coghill-Smith, Sales and Marketing Director for Reserva

Contact the Technical Video team at Midwich to find out more about Reserva on 01252 876300 or email techvideo@midwich.com